Hardmetals and Cermets


The fields of activity of the “Hardmetals and Cermets” group include the development, optimization, manufacture, characterization and testing of tools and tool materials based on hardmetals and cermets, including nano-scale materials. This also encompasses the production and testing of raw materials for hardmetals, the optimization of powder metallurgical processes, the production of components, as well as the testing and evaluating of cutting materials. 

  • Tungsten carbide with cobalt: WC-Co
  • Composite carbide hard metals: WC-TiC-TaC-VC-Cr3C2-MeC-(Co,Ni,Fe)
  • Cermets: (Ti,Mo,W,Ta) CxNy-(Ni,Co,Fe)
  • WC ceramics (binder-free WC)
  • Diamond and cBN composite materials


Services offered


  • Characterization of raw materials for hard metals and press granulates
  • Development of procedures for the production of hardmetals and their raw materials
  • Development and production of customized special alloys and components
  • Determination of the composition, structure, mechanical properties and wear resistance of sintering samples

Specialty: safe handling of nanoparticles


Nanotechnology is considered one of the key technologies of the 21st century. The safe handling of materials containing nanoparticles is one major challenge in this context. Together with medical experts, biologists and ecologists, we assess the health risks posed by nanoparticles for the environment and public health.


Services offered


  • Risk analysis and consulting
  • Detection of nanoparticles in organic materials (cells)
  • Interaction of nanoparticles with organic material