Applied Material Mechanics and Solid-State Transducers


Accurate models of the material and component behavior are essential tools from materials development through to systems design. Simulations allow for a reduction of development times and foster innovative, customer- and problem-specific solutions. The group “Applied Material Mechanics and Solid-State Transducers” represents this aspect in the fields of materials, components, and systems with electromechanical and magnetomechanical coupling properties. Furthermore, the group has extensive expertise in the simulation of sintering processes of ceramics. In this regard, a key competence is the development and application of customized material models of the relevant phenomena as well as their transfer to component and system level using finite element simulations. This includes the generally required identification of material parameters using adequate experiments. Moreover, the materials and technological know-how of the group “Multifunctional Materials and Components” is used in close cooperation to achieve novel systems solutions in the fields of ultrasound, energy harvesting, actuators and sensors.

Services offered

  • Micro-electromechanical and macroscopic phenomenological modeling of functional ceramics; simulations on the component and system scale
  • Simulation of ceramic sintering processes with regard to sintering distortion and residual stresses; optimization of the geometry of green bodies and the relevant parameters of sintering processes
  • Characterization of electromechanically and magnetomechanically coupled transducer materials including ferroelectric, dielectric and ferromagnetic materials
  • Characterization of electric, electromechanical and magnetomechanical components and assemblies
  • Feasibility studies, development and prototypical realization of piezoelectric, electrostrictive, electrodynamic, electromagnetic and magnetomechanic transducer solutions for customer-specific sensors, actuators and other applications, including energy harvesting, medical devices, medical implants and combined drive
  • Development, characterization and prototyping of customer-specific ultrasonic transducers for structural monitoring and metrology applications as well as characterization and simulation of acoustic fields


SmaDi: Digitization of smart materials and their manufacturing processes

KNOW-NOW: Ceramic multilayer development through redesign of ontology-based knowledge systems


Current research

Ultrasound for a faster and safer dental root canal treatment

Current research

Model-based design of fast-switching solid-state actuators for valves


Modeling of sintering processes