Zeolite- and Carbon Membranes


Stainless steel modules for carbon membranes.
Molecular integration of carbon membranes.

The activities of the working group "Zeolite and Carbon Membranes" focus on the development and synthesis of zeolites, amorphous oxides and inorganic/organic composite materials, as well as their deposition as thin layers on various carrier materials. Sol-gel, polymer and hydrothermal technology are essential methods of synthesis for the preparation of the coating suspension. Adapted dipping, brushing and spraying processes are used as application methods.

We are available as a project partner for the process industry to develop cost-effective processes for liquid filtration, pervaporation, vapour permeation and gas separation using nanoporous membranes. Ceramic (pipes, flat membranes) and polymer (tape) carriers can be used in this context. Individual membrane types can be provided as prototype up to industrial scale.


Services offered


  • Development and synthesis of specific precursors
  • Prototype manufacturing of carbon-based membranes on ceramic carriers of different materials and different geometries (discs, single-channel, multi-channel pipes, capillaries)
  • Development and manufacture of membranes for customized separation tasks in liquid filtration, pervaporation, vapor permeation and gas separation
  • Conceptualization and configuration of pilot plants

Separating mechanisms in carbon membranes

Current research

Efficient CO2 recovery from industrial emissions through membrane separation


Carbon membranes


CNT coatings


Polymer-Derived Ceramic (PDC) Membranes for High-Temperature Gas Separation


Zeolite membranes