Zeolite- and Carbon Membranes


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Portfolio: Single channel geometries with PDC, carbon, CNT and zeolite layer, 19-channel geometry with carbon layer, zeolite and CNT coated oxidic powder, flat substrates with carbon, graphene oxide and reduced graphene oxide layer.

The synthesis and characterization of various zeolite and carbon materials for membrane applications in gas and liquid phase separation are a main focus of the research group "Zeolite- and Carbon Membranes". Within the scope of membrane development, zeolite and carbon materials are applied in the form of thin layers on ceramic substrates. Through a suitable selection of specific process parameters in membrane production, tailor-made properties can be generated for the respective application. Subsequent functionalization can also contribute to application-specific membrane properties. A new field of research of the group is the development of metal membranes for the separation of hydrogen.

In addition to their use in gas and liquid phase separation, membranes can also be used to increase the efficiency of chemical substance syntheses. For this purpose zeolite and carbon membranes are combined with catalysts and designed as membrane reactors.

In cooperation with other working groups at Fraunhofer IKTS, membrane production can be scaled up to industrially relevant scales. In addition, there are also competencies in plant and process design – from laboratory scale to complex process chains.

Further research activities include the synthesis of powder materials that can be used, for example, as catalysts, filler materials in mixed-matrix membranes and composites or as heat storage materials.

Services offered


  • Synthesis and characterization of zeolite and carbon materials
  • Development and sample production of zeolite, carbon and metal membranes for customized applications in liquid filtration, pervaporation, vapor permeation and gas separation
  • Design and equipping of pilot plants

Current research

Hydrogen separation from natural gas with carbon membranes


Carbon membranes


Carbon nanotubes (CNT) and graphene


Zeolite membranes and zeolite powders


Polymer-derived ceramic membranes (PDC)


Metal membranes