Ceramic tapes and tape casting technology


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Ceramic green tape as basis for multilayer technology.
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Doctor blade pilot plant in the Competence Center for Tape Casting Technology.

The tape casting technique is predestined for the production of thin, flat ceramic components. It forms the material platform for a large number of innovative components, modules and systems. These range from classic ceramic microsystems technology to battery and filtration technologies. One of our core competencies is the development of casting slurries for tape casting. The working group sees itself as a contact partner for questions concerning the processing of ceramic, glass-ceramic, functional and metal powders into tapes. In addition to slurry and process development including the accompanying analytics, the focus is also on the transfer into technological processes.

In the Competence Center for Tape Casting Technology in Hermsdorf we have the most modern equipment and systems for casting tapes in discontinuous and continuous processes and for their functionalization by pad and screen printing.

We have summarized an overview of the individual process steps of tape casting, the available tape systems and numerous application examples in our Industrial Solutions.

Services offered


Tape casting

  • Development of casting slurries and tape formulas based on commercial or customer-specific powders
  • Development of functional tapes according to customer requirements on the basis of self-developed powders in cooperation with the Functional Materials for Hybrid Microsystems working group
  • Customer-oriented technology development and optimization of tape casting process
  • Production of customer samples from laboratory to pilot plant scale
  • System and component development in cooperation with the Microsystems, LTCC and HTCC working group

Functionalization of tapes and substrates

  • Development of adapted functional pastes (conductive, insulating and resistive pastes) in cooperation with the  Thick-Film Technology and Functional Printing working group
  • Screen printing, stamp printing, mask printing
  • Development of joining techniques for the processing of ceramic parts to complete assemblies

Component development

  • Sensor technology: acceleration sensors, temperature-stable pressure sensors, heaters
  • Electric/electronics: inductors, varistors for low voltage and high voltage
  • Energy systems: SOFC fuel cells, PEM fuel cells, Li-ion batteries, NaNiCl batteries
  • Filtration technology and gas separation
  • Photonics: Raman spectroscopy
  • Fluid technology: fluid systems

Current research

High-purity MgO tapes as sintering aid for MIEC ceramic flat membranes


Competence Center Tape Casting


Functionalization of tapes and substrates


New electrodes based on 3D-structured current collectors


In-line monitoring of tape casting processes