cerenergy® – the high-temperature battery for stationary energy storage


Preparation of a Ni/NaCl cathode.
High-temperature battery test stand.
Assemby of a high-temperature laboratory cell with a capacity of 5 Ah.

cerenergy® is the Fraunhofer IKTS technology platform for ceramic-based high-temperature batteries. The idea is based on the “redevelopment” of Na/NiCl2 and Na/S batteries with the proviso that cells and systems are produced as cost-efficient as possible. For this purpose, cell and system design, used materials and production technologies are considered. The targeted costs are noticeably below 100 €/kWh on cell level.

A highly automated production technology can fulfil this requirement by manufacturing ceramic electrolytes as well as a “slim” cell and system design. The necessary raw materials are cost-efficient and well available. Thus, the storage capacity in Na/NiCl2 batteries is defined by the concentration of sodium chloride solution. Further essential constituents include a ceramic Na-ion-conducting electrolyte made of doped Al2O3 as well as nickel and iron. The batteries are free from rare earths or other strategic resources. The energy densities of about 130 Wh/kg (on cell level) are competitively viable in comparison to Li-ion batteries. Charge and discharge rates of 0.25 up to maximum 1 C restrict the performance density but play rather a minor role regarding the stationary energy storage. Increased operating temperatures of 300 °C are realized in a low-loss manner by a supported vacuum insulation and are unperceived by the end user in operation. Therefore, cerenergy® batteries, in contrast to Li-ion batteries, can also be applied under extreme environmental conditions with air conditioning.



  • Usage of available and cost-efficient raw materials
  • High robustness with proven service life > 10 years and 4500 cycles
  • High efficiency (> 90 %)
  • Thermal environmentally-independent operation
  • 100 % recyclable
  • Secure technology


Services offered


  • Development, assembly and operation of high-temperature Na/NiCl2 and Na/S laboratory cells (flat and tube cells)
  • CAD- and FEM-supported design studies on commercial high-temperature cells and assembly of prototypes
  • High-temperature cell tests in fully automated test stands up to 80 A
  • Development of sodium-metal-halide cathodes for high-temperature batteries
  • Module and system design for high-temperature batteries


Technical equipment


  • Impedance-capable potentiometer up to 80 A
  • Fully automated test stands for high-temperature batteries up to 80 A
  • Mixing and granulation units for the development and production of metal-halide cathodes
  • Different full and half cells for the characterization of cathodes and electrolytes