Quality Assurance Laboratory and Mechanics Laboratory


High-voltage testing
Bestimmung dielektrischer Eigenschaften
Identification of permitivity

Many different kinds of tests of national and international standards as well as client specific programs are implied during development in addition to quality protection. The tests concerning quality and reliability are made through environment, material and safety ordeals. The requirements for this are the extensive laboratory equipment as well as employees with more than 35 years of experience in the areas of test planning, execution and evaluation. Software development, device construction and regular calibration of the testing instruments top the field of activity.


Services offered


  • Environment Tests after DIN60068, MIL-Standards etc..
    • Coolness, Heat, Temperature changes
    • Vibration, mechanic shock
    • Wetness, Temperature, corrosive gas
    • IPSafety Degree- Tests
  • Material Tests
    • Electric: definition of specific transition resistance, surface resistance, as well as dielectric characteristics
    • Mechanic: definition of pull, pressure and bending strength, adherence, thermal shock resistance
    • Assessment of fire hazard
  • Safety Tests as a Base for assay marks (VDE, TÜV)
  • Calibration
  • Intern Development of Software for PC and Microcontroller


Technical equipment


  • Diverse Climatic Chambers and Ovens for Tests between -75° and +1000°C
  • Equipment for Shock Tests between -70° and +180°C
  • Vibe Test Station for up to 30g and 50kg burden
  • Jolt Facility for 10 to 800g
  • Salt Fog Chamber
  • Universal Test Machine Zwick 100 and TIRATest 2300 for mechanical material tests up to 100 kN
  • High-Impedence Measuring Station
  • LCR Measurement Station
  • Temperature Measuring and Calibration Techniques
  • Dimension Measurement

Current research

Component-specific test methods

Current research

Measuring dynamic fatigue in corrosive media


Biophysical sensors and actuators




In-house software development


Quality and safety testing