Business Divisions

»From materials to systems – Your one stop shop for ceramics«

The institute operates in nine market-oriented business divisions to demonstrate and qualify ceramic technologies and components as well as non-destructive test methods for new industries, product concepts and markets beyond the established fields of application:


Bio- and Medical Technology

Through its “Bio- and Medical Technology” business division, Fraunhofer IKTS offers ceramic materials, components, and systems for dental technology and endoprosthetics, as well as biomedical diagnostics and therapeutics.


Electronics and Microsystems

“Electronics and Microsystems” is a business division in which Fraunhofer IKTS offers materials, technol­ogies, components, and systems for microelectronics and nanoelectronics, energy engineering, sensors and actuator technology as well as for industrial test systems.



In the “Energy” business division, Fraunhofer IKTS offers innovative components, modules, and complete energy systems that are engineered, built and tested on a ceramic materials and technologies platform.


Environmental and Process Engineering

For the “Environmental and Process Engineering“ business division, Fraunhofer IKTS provides materials, technologies and systems that create the transformation of materials and energy safely, efficiently, and in a manner safe for both the environment and climate.


Materials and Process Analysis

Through its “Materials and Process Analysis“ business division, Fraunhofer IKTS provides users and manufacturers of materials and components with a comprehensive portfolio of methods for testing, characterization, and analytical methods for material properties and production processes.


Materials and Processes

Fraunhofer IKTS‘ “Materials and Processes“ business division offers oxide, non-oxide and silicate materials as well as composite materials, glasses, hardmetals and cermets. Depending on commercially available raw materials and pre-ceramic preliminary stages, these materials are qualified for use in actual applications.


Mechanical and Automotive Engineering

The “Mechanical and Automotive Engineering“ business division at Fraunhofer IKTS traditionally offers wear parts and tools as well as components for extreme conditions made from high-performance ceramics, hardmetals, and cermets to be used in machine building, plant engineering and automotive industries.


Non-Destructive Testing and Monitoring

In its “Non-Destructive Testing and Monitoring“ business division, Fraunhofer IKTS combines its decades of experience in the testing of components and plants with novel measuring technologies, automation concepts and approaches for the interpretation of complex data volumes.



In the "Water" business division, Fraunhofer IKTS offers technological solutions for the chemical and biological-free treatment of waste water and industrial process water – from multifunctional components to compact complete systems.