Transparent ceramics


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Different transparent ceramics (MgAl2O4,Y2O3, Y3Al5O12), e.g. for scratch-resistant displays in vehicles or mobile devices.
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Transparent ceramics for optical and protective applications.

Optical technologies are drivers of innovation and growth. For years, Fraunhofer IKTS has been a world leader in the production of transparent ceramics with a particularly fine crystalline structure and extremely good mechanical properties. This gives them significant application advantages over glass, especially in harsh environments (e.g. temperature loads and gradients).

At Fraunhofer IKTS, the research and development of high-purity transparent ceramics for optical systems, medical technology and ballistic protection is being steadily expanded. A technical infrastructure is currently being integrated on the basis of PERLUCOR®, which cover the complete value chain for transparent parts and components. The new research and development center will help to significantly expand the current application scenarios of transparent ceramics with mature technologies:

  • Optics and sensor technology: Chemically and mechanically stable optics for sensor systems (driving assistance and transport systems, lidar sensors for autonomous driving), active light diffraction and guidance, laser head protection systems, unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) systems
  • Civil security: chemical and mechanical protective covers for optical systems in harsh conditions (desert regions, subsea sensor technology, radiation-resistant lidar sensors on satellites, night vision devices, solar energy harvesting), ballistic protective windows and optics for vehicles, large-format scanner screens
  • Medical technology and biotechnology: Biocompatible and biostable optics for endoscopes in human and veterinary diagnostics
  • Consumer industries, IoT components: Scratch-resistant displays and interactive buttons for vehicles and mobile devices


Services offered


  • Materials synthesis and development
  • Material-specific shaping and development of prototype parts and pilot series, including large-format transparent parts and components based on the PERLUCOR® technology
  • Accompanying characterization and analysis
  • Consultation on material-, design- and application-specific topics
  • Investigations into special product developments and technological upscaling

Current research

Implant housing with optical window made of transparent ceramics

Current research

Defect-free joining of composite laminates with transparent ceramics


Research and development center for transparent ceramics