Oxide Ceramics


Oxide and polymer-ceramic components


Polymerkeramische Komponenten
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Ceramic and polymer-ceramic Components: Sensor element (left top), Highl power starting resistor (right), ZrO2 bridge frameworks(left below).


CNC- milling centre.



  • Oxide ceramic materials with high density, purity, strength and functional dopants for customized applications using superfine starting powders
  • Ceramic materials with homogeneous,poor in defects and superfine structure design
  • Optoceramic materials for Photonic Technologies
  • Bioceramic and glass-ceramics for dental and surgical implants
  • Ceramic-like composites (polymer ceramics) based on pre-ceramic  silicone polymers with an  advantageous combination of ceramic-like and plastics-like properties
  • Development of industry-oriented manufacturing technologies with the inclusion of modern production technologies to assure custom-designed structur-property-relation


Services offered


  • Development of single  and multi-phase oxid ceramic components for special applications(mean system is Al2O3-ZrO2-MgO-Y2O3-SiO2)
  • Polymer ceramics with fiber reinforcement and  functional filling (electrical , thermal , and dielectric conductivity)
  • Prototype- and small series manufacturing according customer  specification
  • Manufacturing technologies to avoid flaws for advanced properties
  • Development of ready- to- press granules
  • Uniaxial dry pressing for samples
  • Slip casting of ceramic components with complex  geometry
  • CAD/CAM-process chain for  manufacturing  for instance dental restorations
  • Manufacture of  material composites combining ceramics and metals or polymer ceramics, ceramics, and metals
  • Plastic forming of plastics and thermo-set materials (injection moulding, extrusion, warm pressing)


Technical equipment


  • Ultra fine milling from sub-µm- to nm-range
  • Spray dryers in laboratory
  • Uniaxial dry pressing  (mechanical and hydraulic)
  • Shear roll for  manufacture of granulates
  • Scanner/4-axis-CNC-milling machines
  • High pressure injection moulding equipment
  • Thermal processes (reductive and oxidic)
  • Final machining ( precision grinding and lapping)
  • Measuring mixers and rheometers for determination of flow properties of high viscous and reactive materials