Analytically and experimentally supported potential analyses and feasibility studies

Energy-, raw material- and water-intensive industries are facing growing economic, regulatory and ecological challenges, as is agriculture. Technological innovations make it possible to use existing resources even more efficiently, save costs and tap added value in the form of energy or recovered valuable materials. Both in complex production processes in the basic and processing industries (chemicals, paper, textiles, food, etc.) and in agriculture, such measures are usually associated with high investments, production adjustments and integration efforts.

Against this background, Fraunhofer IKTS helps companies, municipal operators, agricultural businesses and technology providers to analyze established and innovative approaches for specific water and wastewater treatment, material flow treatment, energy efficiency enhancement, closed-loop recycling and resource recovery and to evaluate them for their economic and ecological potential. .

Based on a comprehensive analysis, we identify potential short-term and long-term measures for the optimization of partial or total process steps in a neutral and technology-neutral manner. If potential approaches can be identified, we provide support in the form of experimental studies on a laboratory and pilot plant scale with the company-specific material flows and develop tailor-made solutions on a pilot scale. In numerous reference projects, we have been able to walk the path together from the initial needs analysis to the integrated solution in the customer's process.

grafik_machbarkeits_potenzialstudien grafik_experimentelle_entwicklung.jpg grafik_pilotierung.jpg grafik_integration.jpg
  • Analysis and balancing of water, material and energy flows in existing processes
  • Neutral and technology-neutral process identification for new process concepts
  • Recommendations for measures and implementation
  • Experimental process development on laboratory and pilot plant scale
  • Customized on-site (special) analytics ()
  • Solution-specific simulation (CFD, FEM) ()
  • Design, construction and operation of customer-specific test rigs
  • Scale-up of individual technologies and process chains
  • Design and construction of pilot plants including CE certification
  • Process testing, monitoring and optimization at customer sites in a practical environment
  • Process and plant concepts for erection or integration into plants
  • Accompanying commissioning or process integration
  • Target-oriented adaptation of treatment or recycling strategies

Drinking water, waste water and process water treatment, solvent and gas treatment, recovery of recyclable materials, nutrient recycling, recycling of residual materials, energy/biogas optimization

Determination of potential or real CAPEX and OPEX, life cycle assessment LCA/LCC ()