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Competence in ceramics

The Fraunhofer Institute for Ceramic Technologies and Systems IKTS conducts applied research on high-performance ceramics. The institute‘s three sites in Dresden and Hermsdorf (Thuringia), Germany, collectively represent Europe‘s largest R&D institute dedicated to the study of ceramics.

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Dresden / Germany / November 4, 2019

Press release

Photostructurable pastes for 5G applications

For many years now, miniaturization has been the main driver of the electronics industry. This is particularly true for ceramic-based circuit boards, which have properties that make them especially suitable for high-frequency circuits.


Dresden / Germany / October 25, 2019


Fraunhofer spin-off closes gap for digitization of hot metal forming

The newly founded Senodis Technologies GmbH presented itself for the first time at the Hightech Venture Days 2019.


Dresden / Germany / October 24, 2019


The Vice-Chancellor visits Fraunhofer IKTS

Accompanied by Heike Taubert, Thuringian Minister of Finance, the Federal Minister of Finance and Vice Chancellor Olaf Scholz visited Fraunhofer IKTS in Hermsdorf.


Dresden / Germany / October 9, 2019

Press release

Ceramic technologies for highly efficient power-to-X processes

The speedy reduction of worldwide CO2 emissions is one of the most pressing and challenging tasks of our time. Alongside the strategy of avoiding CO2 emissions altogether, there are a number of technologies which transform unavoidable CO2 into valuable products.


Dusseldorf / Germany / November 18–21, 2019

Trade fair


IKTS is a certified R&D services provider and shows bioceramic solutions for implantology and medical electronics.

Current EU-Projects

  • AFLoNext – 2nd Generation active wing - active flow- loads & noise ...
  • BET-EU – Materials synergy integration for a better europe
  • CAPTure – Competitive solar power towers
  • CerAMfacturing – Ceramic components by additive manufacturing
  • E.T.PACK – Electrodynamic Tether technology for Passive Consumable-less ...
  • FlexiFuel-SOFC – Fuel flexible micro-scale biomass CHP system
  • HiEff-BioPower – Highly efficient and fuel flexible CHP technology
  • INTEGRAL – 2nd generation of thermoelectric generators ...
  • NDTonAIR – Training network in non-destructive testing ...
  • ProDIA – Manufacturing and control of nanoporous materials

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Sites of Fraunhofer IKTS

Germany: Dresden, Hermsdorf, Pleissa, Pöhl, Schmalkalden, Leipzig

USA: Storrs (Connecticut)

Annual report 2018/2019

The annual report of Fraunhofer IKTS provides information and reports about our latest results of research.


The Fraunhofer IKTS is certified in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001, DIN EN ISO 14001, EN ISO 13485 and DIN EN ISO / IEC 17025.

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