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Competence in ceramics

The Fraunhofer Institute for Ceramic Technologies and Systems IKTS conducts applied research on high-performance ceramics. The institute‘s three sites in Dresden and Hermsdorf (Thuringia), Germany, collectively represent Europe‘s largest R&D institute dedicated to the study of ceramics.

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Annual report 2017/2018

The annual report of Fraunhofer IKTS provides information and reports about our latest results of research.


The Fraunhofer IKTS is certified in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001, DIN EN ISO 14001 and EN ISO 13485


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June 13, 2018

Press release

New membrane reactors supply “green“ raw materials for chemical industry

In the future, closed carbon loops play an important role to drastically reduce carbon dioxide emissions and ensure safe and cost-effective access to carbon sources as the basis for products of the chemical industry.


Dresden / Germany / May 22, 2018


Surface finishing and functionalization

As research and technology service provider the Fraunhofer IKTS develops solutions for highly stressed components in mechanical and plant engineering as well as medical, energy and environmental technology.


Gothenburg / Sweden / June 11–15, 2018

Trade fair

12th ECNDT

At the most important branch meeting of Europe´s NDT community, Fraunhofer IKTS presents technologies und systems for non-destructive testing at the booth and in scientific talks.


Frankfurt on the Main / Germany / June 11–15, 2018

Trade fair


Visit us at the world forum for chemical engineering and the process industry!


Dresden / Germany / June 18–22, 2018


ICIM 2018 | 15th International Conference on Inorganic Membranes

The ICIM is held every second year all over the world in rotation. In 2018, the conference will be held in Dresden, with Fraunhofer IKTS being the main organizer. The conference will be accompanied by an industrial exhibition.


Bremen / June 25–27, 2018

Trade fair


The International Conference on New Actuators attracts multitudes of leading experts in the field of new actuators and low-power electromagnetic drives from all over the world. Meet us at the joint Fraunhofer Adaptronics Alliance booth B01!


Nuremberg / June 26–28, 2018

Trade fair


The date, the last week of June, is new, but one thing is for sure: The SENSOR+TEST 2018 will once again be the worldwide leading platform for sensor, measuring, and testing technology.


Dresden / Germany / October 24–26, 2018


10th International Symposium on NDT in Aerospace

Non-Destructive Testing and Evaluation (NDT, NDE) is one of the major requirements in aerospace structural design and subject of this conference series.


Dresden / Germany / November 29–30, 2018


Hybrid materials and additive manufacturing processes

The 1st HyMaPro workshop provides information on additive manufacturing technologies for metallic and ceramic components, material hybrids and gives insight into hybrid processes.


Sites of Fraunhofer IKTS

Germany: Dresden, Hermsdorf, Pleissa, Pöhl, Schmalkalden, Leipzig

USA: Storrs (Connecticut)

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Current EU-Projects

  • AFLoNext – 2nd Generation active wing - active flow- loads & noise ...
  • BET-EU – Materials synergy integration for a better europe
  • CAPTure – Competitive solar power towers
  • CerAMfacturing – Ceramic components by additive manufacturing
  • FlexiFuel-SOFC – Fuel flexible micro-scale biomass CHP system
  • HiEff-BioPower – Highly efficient and fuel flexible CHP technology
  • INTEGRAL – 2nd generation of thermoelectric generators ...
  • MATCH – The creation of the materials common house
  • NDTonAIR – Training network in non-destructive testing ...
  • ProDIA – Manufacturing and control of nanoporous materials

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