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Quick introduction

Mining and Offshore#

The extraction, transport and processing of raw materials are always associated with considerable wear on tools, conveying and processing machines. Particularly in deep-sea mining or offshore oil and gas production, the machines used must have a service life of 10 to 30 years and be maintenance-free. Tungsten carbides, cermets and ceramic materials are able to minimize wear and thus significantly increase the service life of such systems – sometimes by a factor of 100 – as compared to conventional material solutions. Wear protection

The mining of raw materials also has a strong impact on water systems. Membrane separation is combined with electrochemical and oxidative processes for the treatment of mining waters or process waters in oil and gas extraction. Ceramic components are the key to continuously extending the existing limits in terms of performance and operating conditions. Process water treatment

Quality, cost and time are also decisive competitive factors in the mining and offshore sectors. Condition monitoring methods and systems can help to optimize processes and increase the availability of machines and plants. Especially for maintenance strategies, the regular or permanent monitoring of critical components and machine conditions can provide elementary information to record and evaluate damage mechanisms. Condition monitoring

#Wear protection

Fraunhofer IKTS has a broad know-how in designing, manufacturing and joining ceramic components for wear and corrosion protection. In addition to extensive methods for the characterization of materials and failure analysis, procedures for the comprehensive testing of components and assemblies are also available. In addition, IKTS develops new materials and qualifies them for specific applications.

Superhard, wear-resistant diamondceramics

Ductile 3D ceramic reinforcements

Robust and functional surface coatings

Additively manufactured hard metal tools

Ceramic-reinforced cast components

#Process water treatment

Fraunhofer IKTS develops various technological solutions in the field of process water treatment, starting from the material and component level up to complete processes and plants. Unique electrochemical processes, including technical equipment, are available especially for the treatment of contaminated mining waters and the recovery of raw materials.

Ceramic membranes for oil sands processing

Mining water treatment

Recovery of reusable materials from waste water and process media

#Condition monitoring

The Fraunhofer IKTS is a competent partner for the condition monitoring of assemblies, machines and plants. It develops sensors, systems and processes that are implemented during the installation, commissioning and retrofitting of plants. Designed for harsh operating conditions, these sensors realize non-destructive defect detection, real-time monitoring and associated condition-based maintenance or plant optimization.

Corrosion monitoring of storage tanks

Permanent monitoring of pipelines

Condition monitoring of offshore foundation structures

Printable sensors for steel components