Smart Materials and Systems


The core competency of the “Smart Materials and Systems” research field lies in the control of the engineering and scientific processes for development and integration of dielectric functional ceramics into components, microsystems, and active structures. Complex, interdisciplinary problems are solved in optimization processes covering all aspects of the value chain from materials synthesis to functional verification in prototype systems. Functional optimization is accordingly performed on several levels through functional concentration in materials, utilization of property combinations of material composites, and adaptation of components to the system environment.

Special materials expertise exists in the field of complex perovskites, which, as high-performance piezoceramic or dielectric ceramics, are substrates with actuator, sensor, and electronic functions in monolithic components and composites with polymers, metals, glasses, and other ceramics. Thick film, multilayer, and piezocomposite technologies are available as closed technology chains. Combination with unique design and characterization tools enables innovative developments in piezotechnology, adaptronics, and mechatronics as well as microsystems technology and microenergy technology that also include in-house systems developments (e.g., piezotechnology).

For imaging of thin coatings, CVD, PVD, and sol-gel processes as well as reactive ion etching are used for structuring. With this technology portfolio, we can develop new materials solutions for semiconductor technology and wear protection.


Services Offered


  • Studies and concept generation for development of high-performance dielectric ceramics in the form of powders, components, and integrated functional elements 
  • Development of materials and technologies 
  • Development and integration of components 
  • Manufacture of prototypes 
  • Supply of key materials and components 
  • Characterization of dielectric, piezoelectric, and ferroelectric functional properties 
  • Vibration and sound field measurements 
  • Modeling and simulation for systems design for sensors, actuators, and ultrasonic transducers 
  • Scientific device construction for special equipment 
  • Software development


Applied Material Mechanics and Solid-State Transducers



Multifunctional Materials and Components



Systems for Condition Monitoring