Smart Materials and Systems


The “Smart Materials and Systems” department deals with the development of dielectric functional ceramics as well as their component and integration technologies for components, microsystems, and structural parts. The depth of work ranges from material synthesis and characterization via the manufacturing of functional ceramic semi-finished products to the proof of function in prototypical systems with customer-specific requirements. Long-term materials expertise exists for complex perovskites, which, as piezoelectric, ferroelectric and respectively dielectric high-performance ceramics, are carriers of actuator, sensor, and electronic functions. These can be designed and manufactured as monolithic components but also in material composites with polymers, metals, glasses, and other ceramics. Thick-film, multilayer and piezocomposite technologies are available as closed technological chains for the project processing.

The development is supported by simulations, which enables innovative, customer-specific solutions. In particular, there are extensive possibilities and experience in the modeling of ferroelectric materials and the simulation of sintering processes of ceramic components. In system design, the focus is on modeling the interactions of piezoelectric and other electromechanical transducers with electronic circuits as well as mechanical and acoustic subsystems.

This portfolio allows for unique solutions and innovative developments in piezotechnology, mechatronics, ultrasonic technology, electrocalorics, and electronic components.  


Services offered

  • Development, synthesis, and characterization of dielectric functional materials for applications in electronic, electrocaloric and piezoelectric components
  • Technology development based on monolithic components, thick films, multilayers and piezocomposites
  • Component development for specific applications in sensors, actuators, ultrasound technology, electronics, and function-integrated lightweight design
  • Feasibility studies and application development in sensors and metrology, actuators and measurement technology.
  • Modeling and simulation on material, component and system level
  • Characterization of dielectric, piezoelectric and ferrolectric properties
  • Vibration and sound field measurements



Multifunctional Materials and Components



Applied Material Mechanics and Solid-State Transducers