Hybrid Microsystems


The department »Hybrid Microsystems« focuses on the development of thick-film and multilayer-based functional ceramic materials, microcomponents and microsystems. Applications are in the fields of electronics and power electronics (automotive, aerospace, telecommunications, industry) as well as sensor technology and energy technology.

The department covers the entire value chain. From material synthesis and powder processing to the development of functional ceramic semi-finished products (pastes, inks and foils), component and system design, process development (printing technologies, micro structuring, sintering, packaging and interconnection technology), functional testing and reliability studies, the department has extensive experience and technical equipment.

For our customers, we are able to offer various scales, ranging from initial small-scale experiments on principle feasibility, through the development of small series for demonstration purposes, to the transfer to series production.


Services offered


  • Synthesis of application-specific functional ceramic materials, powder processing
  • Development and characterization of application-specific functional ceramic semi-finished products (inks, pastes and tapes)
  • Design, development and functional characterization of thick-film and multilayer-based ceramic special components
  • Packaging and interconnection technology for special ceramic components
  • Transfer to series production


Ceramic Tapes and tape casting technology



Functional Materials for Hybrid Microsystems



Microsystems, LTCC and HTCC



Systems Integration and Electronic Packaging



Thick-Film Technology and Functional Printing