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Holistic recycling solutions on a pilot plant scale for the recovery of battery-grade lithium carbonate (> 99,5 %).
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Separation of critical and strategic raw materials by solvent extraction using mixer settlers.

Efficient energy converters and energy storage systems are key components of the energy transition. In order to achieve a circular and green economy, it is necessary to optimize recycling processes in these areas. The aim is to close material cycles and secure sources of domestic materials. This is where the "Recycling and Green Battery" working group comes in.

We are working on environmentally friendly and efficient recycling processes for batteries, electronic components, photovoltaic panels, fuel cells and electrolyzers. We pursue the zero-waste principle, a low CO2 footprint and energy and resource efficiency, as well as monitoring and automation for effective process control. We want to offer holistic solutions that range from the initial idea to development and optimization on a pilot plant scale.


Recovery of critical raw materials

The "Recycling and Green Battery" working group focuses on the development of holistic, raw material-independent approaches to increase recovery and recycling rates. At the same time, the purity and quality of the recycled products are to be increased. The aim is to provide products in primary quality that meet the needs of the industry and thus the necessary requirements. To this end, we operate pilot plants at our Freiberg site that can be used to recover critical raw materials using hydrometallurgical approaches.


Evaluation of recyclates

Another area of expertise at Fraunhofer IKTS is determining the influence of various impurities on the recovered product. Here we determine the limit of impurities that the product can tolerate for the market requirements of a specific application. This helps to reduce certain purification steps and thus maximize the efficiency of the entire value chain. 


Sustainability through design

Sustainable assessments, which include economic, technical and ecological aspects, can be carried out not only for the overall recycling process, but also for individual key processes that help to make a recycling approach more efficient. In addition, Fraunhofer IKTS develops design guidelines for various applications with a focus on batteries to ensure a cycle-oriented and recycling-friendly design. 

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Material recycling of batteries, photovoltaics and electronics.

Services offered

  • Recovery of critical raw materials from batteries, electronic components, photovoltaic panels, fuel cells and electrolyzers
  • Consultancy on the development and scaling of recycling processes
  • Analytically and experimentally supported potential analyses and feasibility studies
  • Economic and ecological evaluation of recycling processes
  • Drafting of recycling-friendly design guidelines

Current research

Securing critical raw materials for e-mobility. The METALLICO project

Current research

Efficient recycling processes for lithium-ion batteries at Fraunhofer THM


Securing resilient supply chains for battery metals