Modeling and Simulation


Deformation analysis of an extruder nozzle
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Thermal model of a SOFC-Stack

The aim of the group is to assist and to improve the development processes at IKTS by means of mathematical and physical modelling. Due to the wide range of research topics at the IKTS, our group is working on a broad variety of subjects. An important field of activity concerns the modelling and optimisation of solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC)-Stacks and system components. As result of the continuous activities since 2001 in close cooperation with industrial partners (Staxera-GmbH, Webasto, Vaillant,...) a set of computer tools has been developed for the description of SOFC-Stacks and SOFC system components on various abstraction levels (3D stack process model, SOFC unit cell structural model, modules for SOFC system simulation) and succesfully integrated in the technical design process. Further essential fields of activity are thermal/ mechanical/ electrical analyses of ceramic structural components, design optimisation of applications with thick-film heater systems and model analysis of further specific ceramic applications like piezoelectric, thermoelectric oder porous foam based components. A methodical emphasis is placed on Finite Element Methods and on system simulation. A particular expertise exists in the area of multiphysics finite element and computational fluid dynamics analysis of nonlinearly coupled physical mechanisms.




  • Thermal-mechanical analysis of ceramic and compound componends and structures
  • Multiphysics analysis (thermoelctric devices, Li-ion batteries, ...)
  • Model-based design and optimisation of integrated heater structures
  • Analysis of reacting porous flow (reactors)
  • Modeling of high-temperature fuel cells and components


Services offered


  • Implementation and analysis of Finite Element and Computional Fluid Dynamic Models
  • Physical and mathematical modelling based assistance for engineering and design of ceramic components
  • Simplified stand alone models of component global characteristics


Software equipment


  • FEM: ANSYS, Comsol, FlexPDE
  • CFD: Fluent
  • System simulation: Modelica

Current research

AI-based flame diagnostics for partial oxidation processes

Current research

Simulating the thermal properties of diamond-SiC composites

Current research

Thermophysical properties of hardmetals as a function of microstructure

Current research

Design, manufacture, and reliability assessment of ceramic springs


Modeling of SOFC stacks and components


Multiphysics modeling of components and structures


Thermomechanical modeling of components