Thick-Film Technology and Functional Printing


Since 1992, the Thick-Film Technology workgroup’s core competency has been the development and characterization of functional special pastes and inks (conductor, resistor and covering pastes, pastes for heater and sensor applications). In addition to the development of materials for classic screen- or stencil-printing technology, the group’s attention is also increasingly focused on functional printing applications, i.e. the intelligent functionalization of 3D components made with additive manufacturing techniques. Digital printing technologies, such as dispensing, dispense-jet as well as ink-jet and aerosol-jet® printing are used for this purpose; these technologies are well established within the institute.

The development team, which comprises chemists and materials scientists, works closely with the neighboring groups of the Hybrid Microsystems department in order to be able to solve all tasks for our clients throughout the value chain, from the material to the component.

Range of applications and service portfolio

Herstellung einer Siebdruckpaste im Reinraum am Dreiwalzwerk.
© Fraunhofer IKTS
Manufacturing of a screen-printing paste in the clean room at the three roll mill.

Range of applications

The main applications of the specialized materials developed by us are hybrid assemblies and components, as well as sensors in electronics, power electronics, microsystems technology, energy and environmental technology, potentially also for extreme operation environments.


Service portfolio

  • Development of functional special pastes and inks for the most varied printing techniques
  • Characterization of pastes, inks and functional layers (rheologic, electric, mechanic, microstructural)
  • Consulting on materials and technology
  • Development, layout and testing of thick-film-based components


Current research

Photoimageable pastes for high-frequency applications

Current research

Thick-printed copper pastes for power electronics


Application Examples


Development of client-specific special pastes and inks


Production of client-specific special pastes and inks