High-Temperature Separation and Catalysis


Ceramic components based on mixed oxides: membranes, honeycombs, packed bed materials, pellets.

The working groups of the department ”High-Temperature Separation and Catalysis“ develop materials, components and processes for gas separation at high temperature and for heterogeneous catalysis. A main focus is the production of oxygen by membrane separation and storage materials. In contrast to mature technologies, saving of energy and an integration in industrial processes is aimed, e.g. for an intensified combustion, for the gasification without nitrogen, for carbon capture and storage and for a higher yield of chemical reactions by the use of membrane reactors. Another focal point is the development and characterization of mixed oxide catalysts favored without noble metals for heterogeneous catalysis. The development of stationary energy storage systems is in the course of construction.

The material development is based on complex mixed oxides characterized by special properties adjustable within large ranges. These materials synthesized and characterized as powders will be shaped by extrusion or dry compaction into components with optimized geometry. Special coating and joining techniques will be used for building up of ceramic components.


Services offered


  • Synthesis of mixed oxides with complex composition
  • Characterization of oxygen permeation, oxygen storage and stoichiometry
  • Shaping of mixed oxides into ceramic components
  • Preparation and characterization of catalysts
  • Development of special coatings (catalysis, protection and separation layers)
  • Joining of oxide ceramics and further development of joining techniques
  • System analysis
  • Basic engineering of ceramic components and modules
  • Manufacturing of oxygen permeable membranes for  testing in laboratory and industry
  • Mentoring for integration of oxygen separation in industrial systems
  • Development and optimization of catalytic processes
  • Development of processes for gas storage and gas separation


Catalysis and Materials Synthesis



High-Temperature Membranes and Storage Materials