Processes and Components


Shaping and Additive Manufacturing


Two-component injection molding machine.

The Production Technology working group develops innovative production methods for products made of advanced ceramics with emphasis on integration of function, quality control and cost savings.

Our new manufacturing concepts for innovative products fall back on manifold shape forming methods. In the field of thermoplastic shape-forming (powder injection molding, low pressure injection molding as well as vacuum casting using rapid prototyping process chains) we invested in a two-component injection molding machine as well as in the preparation and characterization of feedstocks. By means of this enhancement we have the best conditions to realize basic development works as well as interesting material combinations in small batches. Apart from extruding multi-channel elements and honeycomb structures, alternative tape casting techniques based on continuous processes (multilayer tape casting, structuring and laminating) are developed to realize new filtration concepts. Furthermore, these techniques are transferred into solutions which are suitable for series production. In the field of processing suspensions innovative methods like electrophoresis, gel casting and freeze casting are developed.

The offered services include the creation of manufacturing concepts as well as the rating of production processes under the aspect of costs, quality control und energy efficiency. We support our partners in the development of new advanced ceramic products from pilot plant to industrial scale.