Low pressure injection molding


In low pressure injection molding (hot molding) flowable suspensions made of a low melting wax-paraffin-ceramic powder mixture are used to produce ceramic components. Due to the low operating temperatures, low injection pressures can be used whereby tool wear is dramatically reduced. It is also possible to use tools made of soft materials like e.g. silicon rubber.


Products and services offered


  • Production und improvement of slurries
  • Rheological characterization
  • Consultancy on the design of tools
  • Injection molding, debindering and sintering of complex shaped ceramic components (near net shape)
  • Realization of components with undercuts and threads
  • Wall thicknesses of 0.2–15 mm
  • Prototype production
  • Small and medium series


Examples and references


  • Thread guide
  • Crucibles for DTA analyses
  • Components for medical engineering
  • Components for micro system technology