Eddy Current Methods


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Three-dimensional carbon fiber composite texture analysis on draping test bench.
EddyCus® MPECS analyzer and detachable scanner as portable system.
Applications for EddyCus® high-frequency eddy current method.

The eddy current method is an electromagnetic non-destructive test method that can be used on a wide range of materials, including metals and non-conductive or weakly conducting materials, such as plastics or ceramics. This test method can be employed advantageously in all areas of lightweight construction from the aerospace and automotive industries to energy technology. Eddy current methods have become a key technology in quality assurance because they function without a coupling medium, have no requirements regarding radiation protection, and can easily be integrated into industrial production processes.

The research work in the "Eddy Current Methods" group at Fraunhofer IKTS is concentrated on the high-frequency eddy current method and imaging impedance spectroscopy in a frequency range from 100 kHz to 100 MHz. In this frequency range, weakly conducting material classes, such as carbon fibers and carbon fiber composites, can be analyzed by means of orientation imaging and texture analysis. The methods know-how of the group spans the entire production chain from simulation and sensors, manipulation, and electronics to device construction. Customer requirements are continuously transferred to suitable measurement and test solutions.

With the EddyCus® device platform, Fraunhofer IKTS has created a technology series that meets the growing requirements of the lightweight construction industry and can also cater to the needs for eddy current-based methods for quality assurance in other areas. Apart from testing of carbon fiber composites, ceramics, and metals, the EddyCus® high-frequency eddy current method can be employed in the monitoring of curing reactions in epoxy resins.

Thanks to its carbon fiber composite expertise and close cooperation with leading manufacturers and users, the working group can offer a reliable "one-stop" service for test solutions in lightweight construction.


Services offered


  • Consulting on test systems for investigating high-performance materials
  • Feasibility studies on the topic of eddy currents
  • Test planning and supervision
  • Demonstration of and training on eddy current methods
  • Development and production of software, components, and test systems
  • Simulation services
  • Licensing models for industrial clients
  • Collaborative R&D projects with companies and research institutions




  • High-frequency eddy current techniques
  • Measurement automation
  • Design and realization of mechanical components for prototypes
  • Electronics and software development
  • Carbon fiber composite expertise


Industrial Solutions


Inline inspection of multiaxial carbon-fiber plys with eddy-current technology.

Inline inspection of multiaxial high-performance carbon fiber fabrics (NCF) in full production width.

Current research

Full-volume quality control and online evaluation of carbon fiber fabrics

Current research

Acoustic and inductive electrical impedance spectroscopy

Current research

Monitoring of the extrusion process in the production of battery tapes