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Quick introduction

Protection and safety


"We develop research and technology services to detect hazards early, counter them and minimize consequential damage."

Fraunhofer IKTS is tapping the potential of advanced ceramics for safety-relevant applications.

We research for security

Defense and security are becoming more important in times of social and political turbulence. The outstanding properties of structural and functional ceramics combined with advanced manufacturing processes offer unique solutions for defense applications with highest reliability. Ceramic components are used wherever other materials reach their limits, e.g. :

  • Transparent ceramics for ballistic protection
  • 3D ceramic reinforcements for personal and vehicle protection
  • Sensor and sensor systems for use in harsh environments
  • High-frequency and radar applications for use in the air, on land and in the water
  • Mobile energy supply for disaster control, security and surveillance
  • Mobile systems for oxygen generation
  • Monitoring of critical systems and infrastructure (special equipment for on-site material testing and SHM)

We support customers in the development and validation of new materials, components and complex overall systems - from initial feasibility studies to complete product development and testing.

Advanced ceramics for globally efficient protection


Transparent ceramics for ballistic protection

Durable protection of optical and sensory systems in harsh environments as well as protection systems for civil and military vehicles.


3D ceramic reinforcements for personal and vehicle protection

Flexible, modular components for reinforcing vehicles, infrastructures or protective devices.


Mobile plants for the production of oxygen

System for on-site generation of purest oxygen - compact, robust and variable in overall configuration.


Additively manufactured ballistic body protection

Material, process and component development for personal protection.


Sensor systems for use in harsh environments

Miniaturized detector in ceramic LTCC technology for early warning systems.


High frequency and radar applications 

Printed electronics for the highest frequencies for use in the air, on land and in the water: millimeter radar.


Mobile energy supply for more safety

Compact and high-performance power generation by means of portable and stationary fuel cell systems for disaster control and surveillance.


Monitoring of critical systems and infrastructures

Special equipment for on-site material testing; sensor and monitoring solutions for monitoring safety-relevant components, plants and infrastructures.

Service offered

  • Vehicle and body protection (protective vests, helmets, etc.)
  • Transparent protection systems (transparent ceramics)

  • Special equipment for material characterization, monitoring and Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) on site.
  • Sensor and sensor systems based on ultrasound, acoustic emission, eddy current as well as in-house developed methods
  • Real-time visualization of complex 3D data through augmented reality (AR)
  • Machine learning (ML) and AI for the interpretation of NDT data
  • DICONDE and data fusion
  • High-frequency eddy current for carbon fiber reinforced plastics (CFRP)
  • Ultrasound equipment

  • Ceramic multilayer technology based on printed sensors for high temperatures, aggressive chemical media
  • Analyses for technical safety and reliability of defense systems
  • LTCC-based RF and mmWave packaging
  • Ceramic solutions for power electronics packages: high performance, high suitability, reliability
  • Radio frequency and radar applications for airborne, land-based and marine use

  • Fuel cell technology
  • Material solutions for Li-Ion batteries
  • cerenergy® - Na/NiCl2 battery system for stationary storage systems
  • Container solutions for PV hybrid systems
  • Prototype production of SOFC/SOEC stacks (capacity from 1-10 MW/year) with mPower GmbH

  • Mobile plants for the production of oxygen
  • Synthetic fuels and valuable products from renewable energies (biogas, wind, solar)
  • (On-site) treatment of process and waste water