Chemical and Structural Analysis


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This work group has a variety of characterization methods for ceramic raw materials, intermediates and final products such as particle sizes, surfaces, density, and porosity definition processes, depictive and thermoanalytic processes, radiograph phase analysis as well as suspension characterization. Many years of experience with ceramographic structure preparation as a requirement for quantitative phase- and structure analysis of oxide ceramics is our strength.


Services offered


  • Characterization of ceramics and other raw materials
  • Examination of the sintering behaviour
  • Particle and suspension characterization in micrometer and nanometer range
  • Characterization of materials in structure and phases
  • Failure analysis of components and consulting for ceramic material stake 


Technical equipment


  • Particle Size Analysis based on laser diffraction and dynamic light diffusion
  • He-Pycnometry
  • Hg-Porosimetry
  • N2-Adsorption/-Desorption
  • Radiograph Diffractometer
  • TG/DTA, TMA, Dilatometer


CNT reinforced ceramics