IKTS deepens cooperation with South Korea for next generation nuclear fuel rods

On March 28th, 2022, Prof. Dr. Henning Heuer, head of department Systems for Testing and Analysis at Fraunhofer IKTS, signed a Memorandum of Understanding in Dresden. The contractual partner is Samyong Inspection Engineering from Seoul, Korea. The agreement is aimed at close R&D collaboration to increase safety of nuclear fuel rods using non-destructive testing (NDT).

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Prof. Henning Heuer, department head at Fraunhofer IKTS (right) and Younghyun Lee, Senior Manager of Samyong Inspection Engineering agree on a close cooperation in the field of non-destructive testing to increase the safety of nuclear fuel rods in Asia.

In many regions of the world, nuclear technology is seen as a CO2-free transitional technology towards renewable energy. With this cooperation, IKTS makes an important contribution to the safety of future nuclear power plants in Asia. “Today, Fraunhofer IKTS expands the cooperation spectrum of NDT in Korea together with Samyong. Through the planned five-year cooperation with Samyong, both parties will build up an intense collaboration and contribute innovative technology developments for the NDT sector to secure the safety of the world’s future energy supply,” said Prof. Dr. Henning Heuer.

Samyong Inspection Engineering Co., Ltd. was founded in 1966. The company's line of business includes providing various business services, like non-destructive inspection services for large structures such as power plant facilities.