Circular Carbon Technologies


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Analysis of complex liquid organic mixtures using comprehensive gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (GCxGC-MS).
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Production of liquid pyrolysis products from plastics on a liter scale.
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Platform for optimizing and testing the pyrolysis process on an industrial scale.

The “Circular Carbon Technologies” working group develops processes and technologies on an industrial scale that ensure the low-CO2-emission material use of primary and secondary carbon sources that were previously only used thermally.

By reintroducing carbon into the value chain through chemical recycling, the carbon cycle can be closed. At the same time, the economically competitive production of mass products (e.g. basic chemicals, plastics) and high-priced special products (e.g. carbon fibers, extraction materials) based on domestic carbon sources, including residual materials with the broadest possible quality spectrum, should be made possible. 

Services offered

Technology development

  • Process development for chemical recycling
  • Upscaling from laboratory to pilot scale
  • Basis of design and process data for industrial-scale applications
  • Mass, heat and material balancing

Instrumental analytics

  • Characterization of carbon carriers
  • Characterization of conversion products (pyrolysis oils, synthetic fuels)
  • Method development

System analysis and technology assessment

  • Evaluation and comparison of chemical recycling processes
  • Due diligence
  • Process chain evaluation for input material/product combinations
  • Market research


  • Planning and design up to pilot scale
  • Component development

Current research

Recycling of polycarbonates through pyrolysis




Chemical recycling


Recycling of plastics through pyrolysis