• The "Plataforma Solar de Almería" in Andalusia is the world's largest research centre for high-temperature solar technology. This is where the EU project CAPTure (Competitive Solar Power Towers) takes place. As part of the project IKTS researcher Dr. Alexander Füssel develops ceramic components for solar tower power plants. In an interview, he explains how, with which materials and which advantages result from this.

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  • Author: Maria Kaminski / 2020

    Thermoelectrics: old effect with big potential for the future

    May 26, 2020

    Europe's energy supply is undergoing a fundamental transformation: away from nuclear and fossil fuels and towards renewable energy sources. Especially in the field of energy efficiency, thermoelectrics can offer easily implementable and customizable solutions. Will thermoelectrics prevail as a future technology and find a broader application in industry? We asked our expert in thermoelectrics Dr. Hans-Peter Martin about this.

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  • Authors: Anna Knollmann | Katja Wätzig / 2020

    Cleaning outer space without fuel

    May 19, 2020

    Our modern networked world is unimaginable without the support of satellites from space. Navigation, broadcasting or mobile communication are just a few examples. Space stations, such as the ISS, are used for research purposes. Many smaller satellites provide data on changes in climate and vegetation. But what happens to all these artificial satellites when they are no longer needed? How can we get them back?

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  • Author: Fanny Pohontsch / 2020

    Battery cells for electric mobility made in EU – ASTRABAT

    May 11, 2020

    With 14 partners from eight countries, ASTRABAT, a major European project for the production of novel battery cells, was launched in January. Europe aims to set new standards by 2023 – from the processing of raw materials to cell production and recycling. Fraunhofer IKTS is involved in the project under the leadership of Dr. Kristian Nikolowski. We met him for some insights.

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  • Authors: Anna Knollmann | Susanne Freund / 2020

    Even as a child you cannot get involved in research. BUT YOU CAN.

    May 05, 2020

    With our programs for young researchers, children can experience from an early age what MINT means for applied research. We make it tangible and visible where solutions to everyday problems can be found with the help of mathematics, information technology, science and technology.

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  • Author: Anna Knollmann / 2020

    The fake chocolate bar

    January 06, 2020

    (Almost) everyone eats and loves them. It is often described as a small sin for in-between times and yet it is eaten at any time of day. The talk is of course of chocolate. But did you know that until the 19th century people bought chocolate in pharmacies because it was considered a tonic? And what's more, would you have thought that the Fraunhofer IKTS developed a chocolate-coated sensor system in the form of a chocolate bar?

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  • Authors: Anna Knollmann | Susanne Freund / 2019

    Printed electronics – what it is and what it has to offer!

    November 18, 2019

    Functional inks and pastes are a key element for printed electronics. In the future, they will be found in wearables - in clothing or directly on the skin - and will measure the blood sugar level of diabetics, for example. For printed electronics, we select the basic materials including the appropriate organic materials, adjust the properties required for the application, adapt the inks and pastes for the printing process such as inkjet and aerosol printing and manufacture the prototypes. In this way, the most diverse electronic components, assemblies and applications in terms of shape and flexibility can be produced.

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  • Author: Sandra Klinkmann / 2018

    Fishing in the pond – ceramic filter systems for aquafarming

    September 05, 2018

    The smell is reminiscent of vacation, but everybody knows what is produced in the large ponds in Wermsdorf. Fishes are cultivated in aquaculture, mainly carps but also sturgeons, pikes and pikeperches. The fishes are kept appropriate to the species – and this since 1502 when the ponds have been first mentioned in a document. The aquafarming system is not the first of its kind. Already in the 11th century European monks have been cultivating carps which is similar to aquafarming today. Why?...

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  • Author: Susanne Freund / 2018

    Surface finishing and functionalization

    May 22, 2018

    As research and technology service provider the Fraunhofer Institute for Ceramic Technologies and Systems IKTS develops solutions for highly stressed components in mechanical and plant engineering as well as medical, energy and environmental technology. Particular challenge is to reliably apply ceramic materials on other material systems. This long-year know-how is used in various fields of surface finishing and functionalization. Some selected examples are summarized below.

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