• Author: Sandra Klinkmann / 2018

    Fishing in the pond – ceramic filter systems for aquafarming


    The smell is reminiscent of vacation, but everybody knows what is produced in the large ponds in Wermsdorf. Fishes are cultivated in aquaculture, mainly carps but also sturgeons, pikes and pikeperches. The fishes are kept appropriate to the species – and this since 1502 when the ponds have been first mentioned in a document. The aquafarming system is not the first of its kind. Already in the 11th century European monks have been cultivating carps which is similar to aquafarming today. Why?...

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  • Author: Susanne Freund / 2018

    Surface finishing and functionalization


    As research and technology service provider the Fraunhofer Institute for Ceramic Technologies and Systems IKTS develops solutions for highly stressed components in mechanical and plant engineering as well as medical, energy and environmental technology. Particular challenge is to reliably apply ceramic materials on other material systems. This long-year know-how is used in various fields of surface finishing and functionalization. Some selected examples are summarized below.

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  • Author: Susanne Freund / 2018

    Ceramic solutions for foundry industry


    Foundry industry has a key role as supplier especially for companies in automotive and plant engineering, aviation industry, shipbuilding or energy technology. The requirements for the production of castings with regard to quality, price structure, reliability and shape variety increase continuously. Fraunhofer IKTS develops advanced ceramic materials which may significantly contribute to satisfy these demands.

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