Industrial solutions

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In the area of ”Industrial solutions“, Fraunhofer IKTS offers products and services, which have already been successfully approved by numerous customers from industry.
Profound know-how in materials sciences, manufacturing technologies, systems integration as well as materials and process analysis positions Fraunhofer IKTS to link different technological worlds for developing customized solutions. These solutions are used in the fields of mechanical and automotive engineering, energy, environmental and process engineering, materials and process analysis, materials and processes, bio- and medical technology, optics as well as electronics and microsystems.  
Fraunhofer IKTS as a technology leader and innovation driver contributes to the quality assurance of products and manufacturing technologies. For customers, our offers generate economic advantages by guaranteed quality, optimum yield and short innovation cycles.


Quick introductions


Additive manufacturing

Additive manufacturing (AM) methods are used for generation of parts through successive pointwise, linewise, or layerwise application of material. This building principle makes it possible to create geometrically complex, functionalized structures that could not be realized at all or could only be produced at great cost using conventional methods.


Acoustic diagnostics

In this brochure, Fraunhofer IKTS presents a selection of easy-to-integrate, low-cost
acoustic diagnostic solutions, which can be combined with state-of-the-art artificial intelligence (AI) methods to enable optimization over the entire product life cycle.


Characterization | Analysis | Measurement | Testing

Fraunhofer IKTS serves as an initial contact for all problems related to analysis, evaluation, and optimization of materials and components as well as the associated manufacturing processes. Focus is primarily on ceramic and powder metallurgy (PM) materials and components as well as materials and components used in microelectronics.


Condition monitoring

Sensor-based methods and measurement systems of condition monitoring for the condition and lifetime evaluation of materials, structures and components, processes as well as entire plants and systems.


Electromagnetic test systems and test methods

Sensor systems, components, measurement and testing services for non-destructive testing are key technologies for the quality assurance of high-performance materials.


Exhaust gas purification

With regard to purifying exhaust gases and complying with emission and immission limit values, the available methods differ vastly from each other depending on type and origin of the pollution. In many of these methods of purification, ceramic filters, adsorbents, catalytic converters and catalyst supports enable efficient and cost-efficient results, in particular when it comes to high temperatures, chemical corrosion and longevity.


Hydrogen technologies

Hydrogen can be used in many ways in a future energy system. In addition to direct energetic applications, such as in mobility, hydrogen can contribute to the advantageous use of CO2 emissions in industrial processes, or to avoiding them completely. Electrolysis is a key technology both for hydrogen production and hydrogen use in the various sectors.


Lithium-ion batteries

Ceramic materials and technologies are essential components of today’s lithium-ion batteries and will continue to play a key role in the future. At Fraunhofer IKTS, development work is aimed at the pilot scale to ensure a fast transfer of the results from fundamental laboratory research to industrial process development.


Non-destructive testing

Industry 4.0 and big data methods will lead to a paradigm shift in the application of non-destructive components testing and materials diagnostics methods. These methods are an essential source of valuable data. New sensor concepts, robot-assisted measurements, cloud-based data acquisition, and data evaluation using AI methods are driving this transformation and expanding the application range of new and well-established NDT methods.


Optical test systems and diagnostics

Test and diagnostic systems for industrial measurement technologies to assure quality of production processes and to track processes in industrial manufacturing as well as photonic systems for medical diagnostics, environmental analytics and pollutant sensors.



The ”one stop shop” for ultrasonics. Sensors, electronics, software, simulation, solutions for demanding ultrasonic testing tasks as well as attractive license-based business models.


Water and waste water technology

Technological solutions for the chemistry- and biology-free treatment of waste water and industrial process water – from multifunctional components to compact overall systems.