Circular Technologies and Water


Processes and methods for energetic and substantial usage of biomass as well as development and implementation of efficient membrane based separation processes for liquid and gaseous media are the nucleus of the department »Circular Technologies and Water«.

It focuses on design, technological development, testing, practical implementation and optimization of processes and devices for biomass conversion and waste- or process water treatment. Furthermore, the department deals with fluid-dynamic optimization of mixing processes as well as testing and piloting of membrane processes in liquid and gaseous or vaporous media.

With both the application center for membrane technology located in Schmalkalden and the application center for bioenergy in Pöhl the department provides exceptional infrastructures for practice oriented research in a technical scale in addition to the laboratories in Dresden and Hermsdorf.




  • Situation- and system analysis onsite or in labscale
  • Substrate pretreatment/disintegration
  • Development and optimization of processes for energy recovery i.e. out of lignocellulosic residues
  • Biogas potential measurement of biogenic substrates
  • Reaction kinetics optimization for anaerobic degradation processes, i.e. due to material separation out of liquid or gaseous material flows
  • Fluid-dynamical optimized mixing of biogenic or inorganic suspensions due to stirrer optimization and process tomography
  • Measurement-technology based system analysis for sewage and sludge treatment
  • Concepts for improved wastewater treatment using ceramic membrane technology, AOP-processes and ultrasonic sound applications
  • Integrated reactor systems for industrial wastewater treatment as well as decentralized water supply and disposal
  • Mass transport analysis in membranes
  • Ultrasonic sound applications for degasing and disintegration
  • Membran characterization
  • Testing, application and piloting of membrane processes
  • Combination of membrane processes with further technologies
  • Development and prototypical construction of membrane systems and membrane testing devices
  • Engineering of biogas plants using new and innovative procedures


Biomass Conversion and Nutrient Recycling



Membrane process technology and modeling



Reaction Engineering Water



Systems Engineering for Water and Wastewater



Technical Electrolysis and Geothermal Energy