Circular Technologies and Water


On a scale from laboratory to practical scale, we develop and pilot processes, technologies and prototype systems for closing material loops in industry, agriculture and municipalities. The interdisciplinary team combines specialized knowledge, processes and components in the fields of biomass conversion, membrane process engineering as well as electro-, radio- and sonochemistry with innovative process engineering approaches for sustainable solutions for the treatment of solid, liquid and gaseous or vaporous material flows. The development activities are supported by practical test technology, sophisticated special analytics as well as simulation and life cycle assessment tools.

The spectrum of applications ranges from nutrient extraction from organic residues with phytotoxicological product evaluation to the recovery of specific metals, minerals and solutions from industrial residues, geothermal fluids and mining waters to the material recycling of batteries. A major focus is the treatment of drinking and wastewater as well as mining-influenced and industrial process waters.

Our very good facilities offer excellent structural conditions for target-oriented R&D work in the various fields:


Services offered

  • Special analytical services
  • Orientation as well as analytically supported "in-depth" experimental studies
  • Prototype practical implementation at the customer's site with problem-specifically developed hardware solutions


Biomass Conversion and Nutrient Recycling



Membrane process technology and modeling



Reaction Engineering Water



Systems Engineering for Water and Wastewater



Technical Electrolysis and Geothermal Energy