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Quick introduction

Indoor Farming

Indoor Farming or Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) is an innovative method for plant cultivation, which takes place in closed systems and under controlled conditions. CEA offers important advantages: high yields per hectare and per liter of water used, a high degree of automation, low consumption of fertilizers and pesticides and high yield security. Despite these advantages there are challenges which can be overcome by using robust ceramic and diagnostic components and technologies.

"Our great strength lies in being able to solve technical challenges directly via functionalities in the material."

Material and process development for efficient Indoor Farming


Water treatment

Ceramic membranes and AOP processes for the reuse of different source waters and their recirculation.



Sensors and optical methods for the detection and evaluation of environmental parameters, plant health, nutrient composition and root growth.



Use of adapted recyclates from organic residues and ceramic growth bodies for optimized nutrient uptake.



Energy saving through pulse-width-modulated lighting for synchronized electron emission (illuminant) and photon absorption (plant).


Air conditioning and temperature control

Zeolite ceramics as latent storage for demand-driven heat and humidity regulation.


Control concepts

Using self-learning systems or artificial intelligence based on real-time data and incorporating external data sources.

Services offered

  • Development and characterization of ceramic-based functional materials
  • Development of individual technologies for customer-specific issues

  • Residual material evaluation
  • Nutrient recovery and design of fertilizer products
  • Analytical and biological assessment of recyclates and fertilizer products

  • Life cycle assessment
  • GHG balancing and cost accounting for processes and new and existing existing plants
  • Support for R&D projects
  • Certification

  • Support and guidance of CEA projects with a focus on plant cultivation and algae production