Infrastructure for hydrogen technologies

Manufacture of key components


Electrolysis cells, stacks and PtX plants

  • Sample production line for tapes, slurry and paste manufacturing and coating of SOFC/SOEC/rSOC components
  • Production line for SOFC/SOEC/rSOC electrolyte-supported cell and stack prototypes
  • Automated assembly line for fuel cell and electrolysis stacks
  • Prototype manufacturing facility for small-scale electrolyzers and power-to-liquid plants

Membranes and membrane reactors

  • Sample production line for zeolite membranes for drying of H2 and organic solvents
  • Sample production line for nano-porous membranes for H2 separation
  • Extruder for ceramic parts for electrochemical and pressure driven H2 separation

Catalyst supports, catalysts and reactors

  • Sample production line for catalysts and electrocatalysts


Analytics and characterization


  • Multi-modal scale bridging characterization (advanced microscopies, spectroscopies, true correlation at nanometer scale) of SOFC/SOEC components and catalysts
  • Sample preparation workflow including inert and cryo conditions
  • Automated segmentation of multi-modal 2D/3D imaging data using machine learning algorithms
  • Analytical infrastructure combined with data-assessment and data-storage infrastructure for remote usage/qualitative and quantitative data assessment by customers and partners
  • Characterization of H2 conversion on O2 permeable membranes and on power-to-X test benches (CH4, CH3OH etc.), also applicable for membrane reactor measurements
  • Micro- and nanomechanical testing equipment and TEM, SEM, XRM tool for nanoanalysis
  • Electrochemical material analysis (e.g. 80 channels impedance spectroscopy)

Test benches and fields


  • SOFC/SOEC/rSOC cell and stack test benches for performance, durability and redOx / thermal cycling
  • Test benches for small SOFC systems
  • Test bench for fluid electrolysis
  • Test infrastructure for coupling of different producers, storages and consumers
  • R&D equipment for gas phase deposition processes
  • Test unit for H2 separating membranes
  • Test bench for Fischer Tropsch reactors
  • Test benches for catalysts
  • Hydrogen-driven kiln, 500 L up to 1700 °C
  • Hydrogen and power-to-X testing field
  • Test bench for ammonia synthesis and cracking to H2

Monitoring and safety control

  • Platform for non-destructive testing systems for H2 components
  • Infrared-transmission thermography for transparent SOFC/SOEC/rSOC components
  • Platform for monitoring systems for H2 components