Mechanical testing of materials




  • Characterization of metallic and ceramic materials by testing important mechanical properties such as strength, hardness, creep deformation and fracture toughness at room and high temperature conditions.
  • Development of accompanying and useoriented tests in accordance with existing standards and customer ́s requirements.


Test methods


Ambient temperature conditions

  • Bending, compression, tensile strength
  • Determination of fracture toughness with indentation and SEVNB method
  • Fractographic investigation and determination on the presence of defects by dye penetration
  • Determination of elastic modulus in bending
  • Measurement of biaxial strength
  • Statistical analysis
  • Vickers and Knoop hardness test between 25 p and 50 kp
  • Production of reference blocks made of advanced ceramics

High temperature conditions

  • Test temperature up to 1500°C in air and vacuum.
  • Determination of strength in bending and compression
  • Creep test in bending and compression
  • Vickers and Knoop hardness test between 1 kp and 30 kp
  • Determination of fracture toughness and subcritical crack growth behavior with indentation and SEVNB method