Systems Integration and Electronic Packaging


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SMD pick and place
Al thick wire bond (500 µm) on copper thick-film paste.
Technology demonstrator in copper thick film.

The group "Systems Integration and Electronic Packaging" considers itself as point of contact for questions regarding the processing of glass-bonded thick-film pastes or polymer pastes. Here, the entire value chain is considered from the layout of the substrates up to questions regarding the reliability on module level. Creating customized layouts, processing thick-film pastes and the technological optimization of relevant production processes are included in this profile.

The main areas of work are focused on questions regarding the packaging technology for ceramic-based electronic components and modules. Special attention is paid to the characterization of functional properties of the thick-film layers as well as the quality of the subsequently processed electrical connections. Our research partners and clients are mainly located in the areas of electronics manufacturing, sensor technology, photovoltaics and specialized mechanical engineering, coming from both large-scale industry and small as well as medium-sized enterprises.


Services offered


  • Rheological characterization of pasty materials
  • Paste patterning by screen, stencil and aerosol printing
  • Characterization of the functional layer properties of processed glass- and polymer-bonded thick-film structures with regard to
    • adhesion
    • solderability
    • wire bonding
  • Pre-aging
    • Temperature change / thermal shock
    • Moisture / heat
  • Realization of prototypes
  • Thermal dimensioning
  • Design, fabrication and characterization of heating elements
  • Technology development and optimization of manufacturing processes

Current research

Thin-film photovoltaics on technical textiles – PhotoTex


Functional Characterization


Layout Creation




Special Measurement Methods for High-Performance Electronics


Technology platform for highly integrated measurement systems