Condition monitoring

Condition and lifetime evaluation of materials, structures and components, processes as well as entire plants and systems

Methods und measurement systems of condition monitoring help to assure the availability of machines and plants as well as reliability and optimal functioning of critical components.

Integrated in the production, condition monitoring supports control and optimization of production processes within companies and along the value-added chain.

Fraunhofer IKTS provides optical, acoustical and electromagnetic sensors, sensor systems and monitoring systems, which act as support for the erection and commissioning of plants as well as the ongoing operation by permanent condition diagnostics. They are designed for harsh operation conditions and provide advantages, like non-destructive defect detection, real-time monitoring and associated condition-based maintenance or plant optimization and lifetime prognosis.



Condition monitoring of materials, structures and components

Customer-specific measurement and monitoring systems for condition and lifetime evaluation of materials, structures and components in the aerospace industry, the automotive industry and the energy sector.


Condition monitoring of processes

Monitoring of processes is realized by Fraunhofer IKTS as on-site analysis within process chains or customer-specific systems, which can be smoothly integrated into the process chains


Condition monitoring of entire plants and systems

Technological plants and systems are controlled with measurement and monitoring systems for the condition and lifetime evaluation. Moreover, damages and wear conditions can be detected by on-site analysis.

Cooperation models

Innovation and development are the cornerstones of a promising corporate future. In order to create a competitive edge, Fraunhofer offers tailored options for cooperation, so that small and medium-sized companies can work together in the best possible way. This also allows to utilize development skills at short notice and as needed.