Manufacture of key components


Electrolysis cells and stacks

  • Characterization of electrode materials
  • Manufacture of electrolysis cells and stacks
  • Manufacture and testing of short stacks for electrochemical water purification and accompanying hydrogen production
  • Automation, upscaling of stack production
  • Long-term testing of SOE components and stacks

Membranes and membrane reactors

  • Development of nanoporous membranes
  • Upscaling of membrane preparation up to industrial scale including production of samples
  • Development of membrane reactors for the synthesis of methane, methanol and other products
  • Use of membranes for hydrogen dosing, separation, purification, and for storage
  • Conceptualization and equipment of pilot plants

Catalyst supports, catalysts and reactors

  • Selection and development of catalysts and catalyst support structures, e.g. iron-based Fischer-Tropsch catalysts for the synthesis of higher alcohols
  • Characterization of catalysts and reaction products
  • Development of modular reactor concepts
  • Modeling and simulation of flow processes
  • Reactor testing


Development and optimization of electrolysis processes

  • Modeling of the operating behavior of electrolysis stacks
  • Thermomechanical analysis of stress mechanisms in electrolysis stacks
  • Simulation of heat transfer and flow processes
  • Development of innovative process concepts, e.g. coupling of co-electrolysis and Fischer-Tropsch synthesis
  • Modeling of process steps and overall processes
  • Implementation of processes at lab and pilot scale, e.g. electrochemical treatment of mining and pit water for use in power-to-X processes
  • Conducting of feasibility studies, e.g. assessment of the emission reduction potential of hydrogen-based direct-reduction for steelmaking
  • Testing of prototype plants, e.g. production of waxes from biogas or from CO2 separated from lime plants


Process assessment

  • Energetic analysis of process concepts
  • Techno-economic assessment of power-to-X methods for the production of hydrogen, hydrocarbons and ammonia
  • Sustainability assessment


Monitoring and safety control

  • Consulting and development of condition-oriented maintenance concepts (simulation, measuring techniques, data processing, energy supply, integration)
  • Development and provision of reliable sensors, electronics and adapted monitoring systems
  • Performance of field tests, certification



  • Multiscale characterization of complex hierarchical materials using 3D nanoanalytics
  • Visualization of processes (hydrogen release, crack propagation, etc.) using high-resolution analytical methods (REM, TEM, nanoXCT), combined with operando and in-situ experimental designs