Materials for Printed Systems


We have special expertise in the development of powders and powder suspensions (pastes, slurries and inks) for various coating technologies (screen printing, dispensing, inkjet and aerosol printing, tape casting, vacuum slurry casting etc.) as well as scientific and engineering knowledge in the field of physical material properties, chemical interactions and high-temperature electrochemistry. For realizing functional layers composite materials have often to be used. The focus is on the development of materials as well as paste and slurry technology, especially for the best dispersion of different powders and the structuring of interfaces between electron and ion conductors. Based on our experiences with metal oxides (perovskite), spinell, fluorite, noble metals and carbon-based materials we work on solutions for different tasks. With the help of the developed materials more complex components such as MEAs, SOFC stacks, sensors as well as battery and capacitor electrodes are built up and qualified for system integration.


Services offered


  • Development and manufacture of pastes for screen printing, dispensing, inkjet and aerosol printing used for various applications 
  • Development and manufacture of slurries for tape casting of ceramic tapes (Al2O3, AlN) and functional layers (carbon-containing electrodes, electrodes for lithium ion batteries) 
  • Development of electrode materials and coatings for SOFC, SOEC, lithium ion batteries and capacitors 
  • Life and robustness tests (gas sensors, cells for SOFC and SOEC) 
  • Development, manufacture and testing of SOFC stacks 
  • Consulting and materials analysis


Technical equipment


  • Complete technology line for paste, slurry and component manufacturing made of functional materials, preferably thick-film technology, inkjet printing and tape casting for applications in sensors, multilayer ceramics, fuel cells (SOFC) and high-temperature electrolysis (SOEC) as well as lithium ion batteries and capacitors
  • Complete technology line for characterization and manufacturing of glass solders, active brazes as well as composites in form of thick-film paste or tape with focus on high-temperature applications (SOFC, SOEC, oxygen permeation membrane) 
  • Complete equipment for material and component characterization for SOFC, SOEC, oxygen permeation membranes 
  • Complete equipment for quality assurance certified in accordance with ISO9001:2008.

Current research

Inks and pastes for functional layers


Active components for energy and storage technology


Functional inks for inkjet-, aerosol- and screen-printing technologies - Printed electronics and sensor applications


Gas sensors