Pilot project on offshore platform

Monitoring system for pressure vessels successfully installed

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For the first time, an innovative monitoring system for pressure vessels has been installed on an offshore platform. On Snorre A off the Norwegian coast, energy supplier Equinor is testing the novel sensor system for non-contact level measurement in offshore separators using guided ultrasonic waves. The technology was developed at Fraunhofer IKTS and is marketed by the IKTS spin-off Nicoustic AS.

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The first full installation of the Nicoustic monitoring system for offshore pressure vessels on Equinor's Snorre A platform was completed on time, on budget and without incident.

With the successful installation of the system on the Equinor Snorre A platform, Equinor is driving forward its technology qualification.

Accurate measurement of levels in process vessels is relevant in many applications: from separation and storage vessels on offshore oil and gas platforms to process vessels in biorefineries. The challenge is that sensors installed inside the process equipment are exposed to harsh conditions and are therefore prone to failure. In addition, the installation and maintenance of such invasive level measurement requires a process shutdown, which is time consuming and cost intensive. The non-invasive level measurement system that has now been installed does not have these disadvantages.

The Nicoustic sensor technology is based on Guided Elastic Waves (GEW). The non-invasive, permanent monitoring method is installed on the outer wall of the pressure vessel and causes no downtime for the operator. The technology developed at Fraunhofer IKTS has been commercialized by the IKTS spin-off Nicoustic AS since 2022.