Corrosion and tribological behavior


Sample holder with sample for hydrothermal corrosion.

Corrosion is the local or extensive reaction of a material or component with a surrounding medium, which leads to degradation of the material or even to is destruction.  The corrosion behaviour of materials not only contains the chemical aspects but also mechanic and micromechanic aspects like reduction of strength through pitting corrosion and acceleration of subcritic crack propagation under mechanic strain in the corrosion medium. Technical ceramics are more stable than common metallic materials. But still the corrosion behaviour of these materials varies depending on their composition.


Services offered


  • Characterization of the corrosion behaviour up to 250°C in water, salt solution (pressure up to 200 bar), leach and acids and under normal pressure to the boiling point.
  • Characterization of the electrochemical corrosion of conductive ceramics in different mediums including investigations of the bulk change film formation, phase formation, boundaries reaction, and mechanical characteristics
  • Behaviour of materials in moist atmospheres up to 1500 °C


Technical equipment


  • Autoclaves and Thermostats
  • Analytic methods for structure formation definition through corrosion