Environmental and Process Engineering

Environmental and Process Engineering

Fraunhofer IKTS is one of the world’s top research institutions in the field of materials separation and reaction technology by means of ceramic membranes. Ceramic membranes, filters, adsorbents and catalysts play a central role.


Circular Technologies and Water

Processes and methods for energetic and substantial usage of biomass as well as development and implementation of efficient membrane based separation processes for liquid and gaseous media are the nucleus of the department.


Energy and Process Engineering

With its competencies the department covers all aspects of process and reactor development in the fields of chemical engineering and electrochemistry.  


High-Temperature Separation and Catalysis

The working groups of the department ”High-Temperature Separation and Catalysis“ develop materials, components and processes for gas separation at high temperature and for heterogeneous catalysis.


Nanoporous Membranes

Nanoporous membranes are characterized by pores with diameters in the range of nanometers and sub nanometers which are able to separate liquid or gaseous mixtures.