Intensification of processes in chemical industry

Carbon-based membranes.
Hollow fiber module.
NF-Anlage mit 67m2
NF plant with 67 m²

Separation processes in chemical engineering are mainly covered by distillation, extrac-tion and adsorption. Often these are energy-consuming processes and chemicals are needed for regeneration of adsorbents and extracting agents. Alternative membrane processes are more or less at the beginning. High potential is expected from combina-tion of membrane separation and chemical reaction in a membrane reactor.




  • Product separation by liquid filtration with the help of surface modified ceramic nan-ofiltration membranes with adapted wettability 
  • Product cleaning by diafiltration by using ceramic nanofiltration membranes 
  • Solvent cleaning and dehydration with the help of hydrophilic nanoporous ceramic membranes
  • Membrane extraction in a surface modified ceramic hollow fibre module 
  • Separation of isomers (C3 as well as C4) by using shape selective nanoporous mem-branes 
  • Praffin/olefin separation by using adsorption selective carbon membranes supported by ceramic substrates 
  • Separation of small size gases with the help of molecular sieving inorganic mem-branes 
  • Improvement of conversion and yield of chemical reactions by shifting the equilib-rium with the help of a membrane reactor