Bio- and Medical Technology


“Innovations in medical technology are the key for a more individualized, efficent and economical patient care.”

Dr. Jörg Opitz, Head of the Business Division

When introducing new products, materials and technologies for diagnostics and therapy, the highest standards of reliability, safety and tolerability must be taken into account.

Fraunhofer IKTS supports these challenges as a development partner and service provider with high-performance materials, the latest measurement and diagnostic methods and innovative test environments for investigating material and cell interaction. Due to many years of experience in medical device development and validation as well as an excellent infrastructure, we can help manufacturers and users to qualify medical devices and technologies more quickly for application.

Using innovative high-performance materials such as ceramics, polymers and metals, the durability, biocompatibility and mechanical parameters of medical devices on and in the body can be continuously improved. As Europe's largest ceramics research institute, Fraunhofer IKTS has expertise along the entire value chain of (bio)ceramic and glass-ceramic materials for dental and implant applications. The researchers provide support in material synthesis and customer-specific material developments based on commercially available raw materials such as aluminum oxide, zirconium dioxide and non-oxide ceramics.

The experience gained is also used for polymer, metal and composite materials in order to achieve better product properties through material selection, material-specific shaping and functionalization. Interdisciplinary collaborations enable us to think up completely new medical products such as sensor-supported implants or integrated actuators and validate them for patients.

For the use of new components, substances or devices on and in the human body, Fraunhofer IKTS investigates the interactions between biology and material with research partners such as the Fraunhofer IZI. Through the collaboration of physicists, biologists and engineers on the one hand and standardized or specially developed test scenarios, measurement systems or analysis methods for in-vitro use on the other, we can close existing gaps in product development and evaluation. If necessary, these innovative diagnostic, measurement and monitoring procedures can also be accredited.

Innovation projects as a driving force for new or improved medical products



Individual AI-generated finger joint implant.



In-vitro test system for the reliable analysis of surfaces.



Textile vest with integrated acoustic sensors for permanent monitoring of lung function.


TiOxTechBio - stents 

Long-term stable titanium oxynitride coatings on stainless steel stents.

What our customers say about us

Our products and services support dentists and dental technicians in increasing the efficiency and sustainability of dentistry and improving the oral health and quality of life of the population.



With Fraunhofer IKTS, we have had a partner at our side for more than 15 years who shares our high standards of quality, reliability and innovative spirit. In close and trusting cooperation, we jointly develop innovative solutions for existing and new product areas.


Thanks to Fraunhofer IKTS's extensive expertise in the assessment and processing of ceramic materials and components, we can improve materials, processes and products in a targeted manner.”

Michael Schmidt, CEO, elaboro GmbH

Our competences

  • High-purity dense or porous bioceramics [Al2O3, ZrO2, ATZ, ZTA, Ca3(PO4)2, HAP, Si3N4]
  • Open-cell foam ceramics and metal foams
  • Glass and glass-ceramic, transparent ceramic MgAl2O4
  • Oxide and non-oxide ceramics with specifically adjustable electrical, thermal, mechanical and optical functionalities
  • Composites and material composites (porous/dense, metal/ceramic)

  • Powder and slurry processing, granulate development, technology transfer
  • Casting, pressing and (thermo-)plastic shaping processes (ceramic injection molding)
  • Foaming and molding technologies for cellular structures
  • 5-axis machining center, additive manufacturing process (powder and suspension-based)
  • Coatings (thick film, thin film, sol-gel)
  • Joining technologies for ceramic/metal and ceramic/ceramic joints
  • Micro- and surface processing, surface functionalization (inkjet and aerosol printing, diode laser array post-processing)
  • Biocompatible assembly and connection technology, medical device construction
  • Simulation, use of AI methods

  • Physical, chemical and mechanical properties
  • Bioelectric, topography-based, acoustic and optical measuring systems
  • Biophysical characterization at nano, micro and macro level (TEM, SEM, AFM, AFAM, Raman)
  • In-vivo and in-vitro analysis and diagnostic systems
  • Plasmonic sensor systems
  • Biological assessment of materials (medical devices) analogous to DIN EN ISO 10993
  • Differentiation assays
  • Development and industrial implementation of innovative in-vitro test approaches

  • DIN EN ISO 13485:2016 for customer-specific development of oxide ceramic components and technology as well as customer-specific production of semi-finished products for medical devices
  • Accredited test laboratory according to DIN EN ISO 17025
  • Participation in round robin tests to verify test methods for regulatory requirements
  • Regulatory affairs manager for medical products
  • Participation in expert committees for the biological assessment of medical devices (ISO, DIN)