Milestone for joint venture on solid-state sodium battery

Excellent feasibility study confirms potential of CERENERGY®

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Altech Batteries GmbH, a joint venture of Fraunhofer IKTS and the ALTECH Group, has reached an important milestone with the publication of the feasibility study for the joint CERENERGY® project. The study underlines the great economic potential of the technology, which offers a sustainable energy storage solution with sodium solid-state batteries, especially for grid applications. A battery factory is planned in Schwarze Pumpe (Saxony) with an annual capacity of 120 battery containers with an output of 1 MWh each, the so-called “GridPacks”.

© Altech Batteries Ltd.
Visualization of the planned battery factory to be built in Schwarze Pumpe (Saxony) for the production of CERENERGY® energy storage systems.
© Altech Batteries Ltd.
120 “GridPacks” with a capacity of 1 MWh are to be produced annually in Schwarze Pumpe.

The economic feasibility study, which assesses the financial viability of the technology, is a key step in the technology transfer. The team at Fraunhofer IKTS provided important parameters from preliminary tests for the study and contributed its technological expertise. The analysis predicts that the project will generate an annual profit of 51 million euros from the operation of the battery factory. With an estimated average annual return of 19 percent, the invested capital could be repaid within 3.7 years.

CERENERGY® batteries have great advantages for energy storage thanks to their fire resistance, long service life and adaptability to different climate zones. They are free of critical minerals and thus minimize risks in the supply chain. With improved safety, longevity and environmental compatibility, CERENERGY® batteries offer the industry a reliable and environmentally friendly solution for energy storage needs.

The cost-effectiveness of the project and the high annual growth of 28 % forecast for the grid storage market are positive signs for further activities. To drive the project forward, the Altech Group is actively seeking funding and is holding talks with investors. Purchase agreements for a five-year production period are also currently being negotiated and reflect the growing confidence and interest in the CERENERGY® project.