Cognitive Material Diagnostics

Project group

The Fraunhofer IKTS project group "Cognitive Material Diagnostics" at the Cottbus site develops intelligent systems for material diagnostics based on artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). The aim of the interdisciplinary team of experts is to quickly transfer research results into applications with social relevance. This enables them to become effective at an early stage and thus support business processes from virtual product development to comprehensive automation and networking.


Research on cognitive material diagnostics in an interdisciplinary research team

The "Cognitive Materials Diagnostics" group combines the IKTS know-how in materials diagnostics and non-destructive testing in machine learning and data analysis with the competencies of the Brandenburg Technical University (BTU) in artificial intelligence and its research cluster "Cognitive Systems".


"Cognitive material diagnostics" in the Lausitz mining region

By choosing Cottbus as its site in the "Lausitz" region, Fraunhofer IKTS demonstrates its social responsibility by bringing excellent applied research to structurally weak regions. The development of research activities in the mining region is intended to create new qualified and forward-looking jobs in the fields of cognitive materials, machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Services offered by the project group "Cognitive Materials Diagnostics"

Offered services includes the development of hardware modules for portable, flexible data acquisition, the development of recognition and training software for pattern recognition, among other things, as well as the combination of hardware and software for the production of customer-specific in-line and offline test systems. Furthermore, the project group offers feasibility studies, scientific consulting, data analysis and evaluation or R&D cooperation projects with companies and research institutions. The main application areas are in the following fields:


Selected projects and cooperations on cognitive material diagnostics

  • UCUI”: Universal cognitive user interface for device control
  • MiSIS”: Miniaturized system for intelligent signal processing in mechanical engineering
  • CompWatch”: Cognitive material diagnostics – Maintenance monitoring of compressors
  • Group “Machine Learning and Data Analysis