Oxide Ceramics


Semi-transparent, white mini ceramic plate that is held in front of a plant with two fingers to show the transparency.

The department “Oxide Ceramics” considers itself as contact point for all questions related to the development and application of dense, porous and composite ceramics on the basis of oxides. The advantages of high-performance oxide ceramics in various prototypical applications for medical technology, microelectronics, tool and mechanical engineering as well as lighting engineering are demonstrated in a unique way.

In addition to monolithic ceramics, material composites and coatings are increasingly in the focus of applied research. Closed technological chains from the synthesis of ceramic precursors or the use of commercial raw materials to cost-efficient production technologies to the application in the overall system. Accompanied by an efficient analysis and characterization as well as an intense technical networking with specialized application-oriented departments.


Services offered


  • Materials synthesis and development on the basis of commercially available raw materials and unique developments with the emphasis on ednse, monophase and multiphase oxide ceramics based on sintered corundum (Al2O3), spinel (MgO · Al2O3), zirconium oxide (ZrO) or other oxides (Y2O3, garnet, etc.), dispersion structures or material composites
  • Material-specific shaping
  • Development of prototypical components and pilot series
  • Accompanied characterization and analysis
  • Consulting on material, construction and application-specific questions


Application areas


  • Tools and abrasives
  • Bioceramics
  • Microeletronic components
  • Bearings and wear-resistant components
  • Transparent ceramics
  • Coatings and application-specific material composites


Materials Synthesis and Development



Oxide and polymer-ceramic components



Pilot manufacturing of high-purity ceramics



Transparent ceramics