Stationary Energy Storage Systems


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cerenergy® high-temperature battery for the stationary energy storage.

Electrical energy storage systems play an important role when sustainably shaping the future of the world’s energy supply. Most attention in this field is being given to sodium-based batteries, ceramic catalysts for metal-air batteries and ceramic alkali-ion conductors.

The department uses its know-how in materials science and technical manufacturing solutions to develop materials, manufacturing methods and innovative battery designs – always with an eye on applicability. For this purpose, Fraunhofer IKTS has highly modern plants and analytical equipment at its disposal, which are used for examining new cost-efficient processes and acquiring a deeper understanding of the operation and aging of battery storage solutions.


Services offered


  • Synthesis of solid-state ion conductors (Na-ß“-aluminate, Na+- and Li+-ion conducting glass ceramics)
  • Optimization of materials for increasing power density and conductivity
  • Technology and process development for producing sodium-based and metal-air batteries
  • Development, production and operation of high-temperature batteries
  • Module and system design for high-temperature batteries
  • Microscopic, electrochemical and mechanical characterization of materials
  • Cell tests
  • Characterization of performance and aging under climate-controlled conditions
  • Characterization of the charging and discharging as well as degradation behavior
  • Market analyses and competent consulting for individual questions


Ceramic Electrolytes and Electrodes

Current research

Joint Venture Altech Batteries GmbH – 100 MWh battery factory in Schwarze Pumpe


cerenergy® – the high-temperature battery for stationary energy storage


Sodium Battery Materials and Prototype Manufacturing