Trade fair  /  May 27, 2024  -  May 31, 2024

WCNDT – World Conference on Non-Destructive Testing

The 20th World Conference on Non-Destructive Testing (20th WCNDT) is hosted by the Korean Society for Nondestructive Testing (KSNT). In Incheon, South Korea a dynamic technical program and an outstanding exhibition will provide a successful platform for networking and inspiring new technical ideas.

Fraunhofer IKTS presents systems for non-destructive testing with eddy current and ultrasonics together with its Korean partners SAMYONG Inspection Engineering Co., LTD., NANOINTECH CO., LTD. and iBULe Photonics.


Highlights at Booth B18


Non-destructive quality assurance for CFRP, battery slurries and chrome thickness measurement


Carbon fiber reinforced plastics (CFRP) and non-crimp fabrics, battery slurries and even chrome coatings can be tested quickly and close to the process with eddy current-based methods. The EddyCus® systems developed by Fraunhofer IKTS are suitable for non-destructive testing along the entire process chain for different industries.

The presented EddyCus® MPECS flex robot can be placed on free-form components such as aircraft structures and enables 2D scanning on 2.5D curved surfaces. This device allows for the first time to inspect a CFRP structure in situ to detect delamination caused by bird strikes, for example. Furthermore, it can help to improve repair processes by detecting defects after repair milling and before filling the defective area with new CFRP repair patches.

In close cooperation with our Korean partner NANOINTECH we present a novel inspection system for low conductive battery slurries that can be characterized in-situ during mixing or applying onto the battery foil. Therefore, a functional laboratory demonstration unit will be presented on the exhibition that shows the capabilities.

High-frequency eddy-current technology can also be used to measure chrome coating thickness in the micrometer-range on nuclear power fuel rod. Together with our partner SAMYONG we will present a first technology demonstration unit, that shows the tremendous potential of the technique. A fully functionable demonstrator will be presented at the booth.


Augmented reality supports ultrasonic testing


The PCUS® pro series from Fraunhofer IKTS is an effective modular advanced electronics system for ultrasonic testing in accordance with DIN EN 12668 and DIN EN ISO 18563. The platform enables NDT during production, maintenance or in the test laboratory – using both conventional ultrasonic methods and phased-array techniques.

Our high-performance ultrasonic probes based on PMN-PT single crystal material were developed together with the Korean company iBULe Photonics. The highly sensitive probes are suitable for applications where a low signal-to-noise ratio is to be expected due to geometric attenuation or long sound transmission paths.

Using AR (Augmented Reality), the ultrasonic test data can be used in a variety of ways: projected onto the real test specimen for a more intuitive interpretation of the test data, to simulate complex test sequences clearly, or to enable virtual trainings. This 3D visualization is stable in terms of viewing angle and movement.