Systems for Condition Monitoring


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Sensor ring for monitoring welds and pipe wall thickness.
Radio nodes for wireless sensor networks.
CoMoDetect sensor for use in hazardous areas

Increasing process equipment complexity and size drive up demands on reliability and safety, which in turn can lead to higher costs and/or resource consumption. In a host of areas – such as environmental, energy, and process engineering – monitoring of critical parameters of key components and processes enables early detection of weak spots, resulting in less downtime and use of raw materials, improved employee safety, and a long-term reduction in operating costs.

The “Systems for Condition Monitoring” working group develops innovative concepts based on various state-oriented maintenance methods. A wealth of experience flows into the control and optimization of flexible production processes and procedures (“Industry 4.0”).

Research is focused on optical, acoustic, and electromagnetic methods for early detection, indication, and evaluation of risks in highly loaded or inaccessible components. In consultation with the customer, critical parameters are identified and the corresponding monitoring, control, and optimization designs are worked out. The working group puts the latest research results from the fields of sensors, signal processing, electronics, and process integration into practice and combines them to create an effective monitoring concept. Competent IT and automation partners guarantee smooth integration into new and existing systems.

Services offered


  • Consulting and development of condition-oriented maintenance concepts
  • Fundamental investigations
  • Feasibility studies
  • Test planning and supervision
  • Demonstration and training
  • Simulation services
  • Development and manufacturing of components and systems for condition monitoring
  • Licensing models for industrial clients
  • Collaborative R&D projects with companies and research institutions


Industrial solutions



Technical infrastructure


Current research

CoMoBase3 – new hardware platform for acoustic condition monitoring

Current research

Precise online determination of vessel filling levels with guided waves

Current research

Charge-state monitoring of Lithium-ion batteries with guided waves