Mobile Energy Storage Systems and Electrochemistry


The Fraunhofer IKTS competences in electrochemistry and mobile electrochemical storage are combined in this department.

Its activities include the development of a wide range of electrochemical methods for the deposition of functional layers, the investigation of corrosion mechanisms or electrochemical machining (ECM). Electrochemical energy storage systems are an example of a major application. However, the fields of application also extend to microelectronics, photovoltaics, etc.

In the field of mobile energy storage, the focus is on conventional lithium-ion batteries. Next-generation batteries are being developed on this basis. This includes, for example, solid-state batteries based on lithium or sodium chemistries, but also multivalent systems and cells with a bipolar structure. The key issues are a deep understanding of the material properties, microstructure, cell structure and electrochemical properties of the battery cells.

For manufacturing processes of such batteries, new processes and an understanding of the value chains are needed. In cooperation with material- and technology-oriented working groups, the entire value chain for energy storage development, manufacturing and production can be presented in the "Battery Technology Application Center". The development of inline testing methods accompanies the process. Emphasis is also placed on characterizing the operating, fault and long-term behavior of batteries.

The efficient use and recycling of battery materials are important components of a future circular economy for such components. For this reason, methods are also being developed for the recycling-friendly design of cells, recycling processes and reuse options. The "Materials Recycling Application Center" is available for this purpose.

Core competences


  • Electrochemical characterization of supercapacitors and batteries
  • Development of electrochemical processes (such as anodizing, electroplating, electrochemical machining and sensor technology)
  • Development and evaluation of cell concepts of conventional and solid-state batteries
  • Process and material development for lithium-ion batteries from laboratory to pilot plant scale
  • Recycling-friendly design of batteries and recycling processes

Services offered


  • Experimental and theoretical work on the development of electrochemical processes (electrochemical machining, deposition of functional layers)
  • Analysis of corrosion resistance and wear resistance
  • Electrochemical characterization of battery materials and components
  • Development, manufacture and analysis of battery electrodes
  • Development, technological assessment and consulting on cell concepts
  • Upscaling of lab processes and technology transfer
  • Post-mortem analysis of battery cells
  • Feasibility studies and consulting in the fields of process development and scaling
  • Recycling of battery components

Current research

Ceramic electrolytes for lithium and sodium solid-state batteries



Cell Design and Testing



Process Development and Process Control



Recycling and Green Battery