DKG Training Seminar  /  November 06, 2024  -  November 07, 2024

Tape casting and slot die process as well as aspects of film further processing

The aim of the two-day seminar is to convey the fundamentals of the tape casting and slot die processes and the further processing of the resulting green films or layers into multilayer structures.

Interrelationships between tape properties and further processing steps will be illustrated in practical contributions from institutes and industry. Practical demonstrations are part of the seminar; applications are also explained, showing the potential of the processes for new product solutions (... extended by the slot die process, which as a volume-controlled process allows the production of very thin tapes < 1 µm).

The seminar will present the processes for the production of green tapes; the components required for the slurry, such as solvents, dispersants, binders and plasticizers, and their functions will be discussed. When describing the processes, the flow conditions in the casting shoe or in the nozzles, the forces occurring during shearing, the importance of the tape carrier and the drying processes are dealt with. The properties of the green tape, its determination and its significance for the further process steps are described.

The intermediate product green tape can be processed into capacitors, inductors, high-integrity circuits, high-temperature fuel cells, etc. using multilayer technology. This is done by cutting, stamping, metallizing, stacking and laminating. The finished laminate is transferred to the final product via a binder burnout and the co-firing process. Single-layer tapes serve as substrates for thick-film and thin-film technologies. Multilayer applications extend to rapid prototyping processes (laminated object manufacturing) to build up any geometric 3D structures layer by layer.

The German Ceramics Society DKG advanced training seminar will take place at the Fraunhofer Institute for Ceramic Technologies and Systems IKTS in Hermsdorf under the direction of Beate Capraro. The lectures and practical exercises will be carried out by Fraunhofer IKTS staff as well as external lecturers. The seminar will be held in German.