Catalysis and Materials Synthesis


View into the laboratory
Ceramic catalysts inside of reactors made of fused quartz

The group ”Catalysis and Materials Synthesis” combines extensive experience and knowledge of synthesizing optimized materials with measurement techniques for characterizing chemical conversions at ceramic catalysts. Hence structure-property-correlations will be identified and utilized for systematic improvements of the materials properties. Main emphasis is placed on oxygen permeable membranes and oxide catalysts. The coupling of these components in so-called membrane reactors enables a shift of the chemical equilibrium and therefore the enhancement of selectivity and yield via directed dosing of reactants or separation of certain reaction products. Oxygen storage materials (OSM) working in discontinuous processes can also be combined with catalysts and represent an alternative to the continuously working membranes.


Services offered


  • Preparation of new and common materials compositions
  • Optimization of phase distribution and granulometric properties
  • Rheological analyses of suspensions
  • Application of various preparation routes
  • Heterogeneous gasphase catalysis, laboratory-scale under industry-oriented conditions (up to 900°C, elevated pressure)
  • Experimental determination/calculation of conversion, selectivity, and yield
  • Characterization of powders, granules, pellets, miniliths, honeycombs, foams, etc.
  • New development, enhancement, characterization of ceramic catalysts
  • Coupling of catalyst and membrane (”membrane reactor“)
  • Coupling of oxygen storage materials with catalysts

Current research

Electrocatalysts for improving efficiency




Heterogeneous gas-phase catalysis


Membrane reactors


Preparation of ceramic precursors and powders