Thermal spraying


Spray unit for rolls
Sleeves with different ceramic coatings

Thermal Spraying and Plasma Spraying (Atmospheric Plasma Spraying APS


The Plasma-Spraying –Technique describes a spraying method using one or more meltable materials, which are melted and accelerated simultaneously. The impacting on a component surface effects enhanced and novel properties The temperature of the plasma reaches up to 15.000 K in which the surface – and component temperature stays cool at about 100°C.Requirements in quality and working stress of technical surfaces are growing to an increasing degree. Coatings by APS-Techniques extend the endurance and abrasion resistance of components to a factor of 2 to 100.


Application area


  • Enhancement of thermal insulation of components and different materials
  • Advancement of non-stick-properties
  • Improvement of electrical insulation
  • Enhancement of resistance caused by abrasion, erosion or cavitation

Different materials for coating are possible, e.g. metals, polymers, glasses, ceramics.
Another field of activity is the mould production. Instruments or components can be coated by all materials in a defined thickness followed by removing the coating.


Services offered


Processing of custom spraying technologies
Consulting service in constructional solutions or for applications of thermal sprayed coatings
Coating of components, prototypes or preproduction series


Technical equipment


Spray unit including satellite turntable with 24 stations for coating of electrical insulating components
Spray unit for universal geometries: dim. 400 x 2400 mm / areas till 200 x 1000 mm²
Spray unit for rolls dim. 600 x 5000 mm


Examples and references


Different sleeves with different ceramic coatings
Different GRP-products with different ceramic coatings
Conventional abrasion resistance coatings of rotors

CRP/GRP- roll coatings